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Comment Re:The Republicans will never.... (Score 1) 331

I really am tiring of this bs "against their wills" crap wingnuts keep espousing. You idiots keep wanting us to do stuff against our wills all the time,...

Nice assumption, but totally wrong. I lean libertarian, so I am more of the "Do what you want but you are on your own" mentality. But nice try.

Comment Re:The Republicans will never.... (Score 2, Interesting) 331

allow this to happen since they want to force everyone to work, which is slavery.

Verses the Democrats that want to redistribute money from the people who work for it, against their wills, which is theft.

Perhaps instead of one line sound bites, we should look at the actual problems?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 147

I am with you. A smart phone is a bad compromise. It is too small to be a reasonable web browser, and to problematic to be a good phone. (Try holding it with your shoulder without hanging up!) So I have an antique phone and a tablet. The tablet spends a lot of time turned off. It is also rooted.

Comment Re:Sounds like a job for crowdfunding! (Score 1) 235

I will never buy a phone from a third-party supplier again - it's straight to the google store next time.

Or direct from the source. It hurts less when abandoned after two years if you only paid $100 for it. Frankly I do not see the benefit in brands over the eBay phones anymore. (Yes they are riddled with spyware, but so is the phone from Verizon. Root it and install your own. If you can...)

Comment Re:My right to not buy iphones (Score 1) 235

all phones are locked down, expensive shitty toys for tracking humans

they are all garbage

the day someone sells some hardware phone that you HAVE to put some kind of really free linux distro on it, yourself, like you do in a computer, they will start being interesting to me, but right now all phones are STILL garbage

But some are easy to unlock and some are impossable. iPhones and Samsung have locked boot loaders, so only their firmware. The cheap China phones are easy to wipe completely and install your own firmware. And decide EXACTLY what access different apps have.

Comment Re:What a retarded measure (Score 1) 114

>...per person per mile has plummeted...

Yes, but the population of people has exploded. Hence the efficiency savings are washed out- If the fuel used per mile is less, but there are more people well there's more fuel being burned. Just less than if we had never improved the MPG.

And more people using electric power, so...

Comment Re:Misleading data (Score 2) 114

The only reason why it's falling is because they count renewables as "fuel". So of course per unit of "fuel" consumed (and remember, solar radiation count as "fuel"), they emit less CO2. It doesn't mean the process of CO2 emitting thermal power plants actually improved.

They also base it on fuel used, not production outputs. Going from 8mpg to 40mpg is actually a very big deal. As is car pooling... If you have to fudge the data to make a point, perhaps it is the wrong point.

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