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Comment It ain't gonna matter. (Score 1) 151

I have been using computers since the early 80s. Things like the HP2114, Varian 77 and other stuff that never saw the light of civilian day. My I7 with 16GB ram boots no faster nor gets into a usable state than the HP2114 with 8k of core memory and used discrete components to construct a CPU.

Will they be able to process more data, yeah probably but that won't matter cause they'll just be given more data to munch so you will still need more machines. And so the cycle goes.

Comment Re:How much was done in-house? (Score 1) 166

Bureaucracy is a dirty word, the more there is the less efficient. It has been discussed endlessly citing many examples from businesses and government. Though I do agree there are those and it is not limited to the corporate world that think cheating the taxpayers is the way to go.

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