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Comment Re:Makes sense now (Score 5, Informative) 193

It's a well-written troll and we can see that you have put the effort in. But you are trying a little bit too hard and it shows. Throw some spelling mistakes in their, or a grammatical error to attract a nazi. This will spark the confrontation that you seek and provide that rich and tasty dopamine reward. Tone down the crazy a notch or two until you hook someone properly then crank it up. Keep some of your powder dry and you'll be rewarded for it. This effort is only worth 5/10 but it is good to see the young trying to learn the old ways. I wish you the best in your future trolling endeavours.

Comment Re:no need for AI (Score 3, Interesting) 89

The output from a layout editor is a structured description of the components and their layout. This is inferring that description from a .png - the LSTM is building a description of the structural relationship between the widgets from the input image.

It looks pretty cool, although quite simple. The intermediate token stream that it is inferring may be more interesting as a design tool than the neural network on the front-end that is building it.

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