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Comment Re:Facebook knows exactly how guilty it is (Score 1) 63

Oh dear. Do you really think that somebody who has an account here for 20 years is going to fall for this shit? Kid, when you try to use NLP: 1. You need to understand who you are talking to in order to manipulate them. 2. A touch of subtlety is required, not this hamfisted mess. If you want to try to troll people on slashdot - you need to git gud first.

Your attempts at argument are weak and unfocused. Can you not do any better than this? Perhaps your inability to reason is why you have sunken into this right-wing narrative. Do you not see that you are being manipulated and abused by those you are trying to impress?

Comment Re:Social smoking? Smoking media? Something there (Score 2) 63

Social media is based around a tailored user experience. An algorithm picking things that the user will find most interesting. They function as Skinner boxes - open the tab and maybe there is a jolt of dopamine wrapped up in something the user has a personal connection with.

We have slashdot editors keeping us safe from that experience.

Comment Re:... and also think of ... (Score 1) 302

Do you struggle as much with context as you do with sentence formation? I’ll guess that your first language is german from the way that you put that tangle together in your first reply to me.

My issue is the women that don't know the law on consent, with the women that react negatively to a perfectly fine interaction, that do find engaging with the opposite sex difficult to understand

This does not make sense, there is no way that those three clauses combine to form a valid sentence in English. I would guess that you have translated a different type of construct from your native tongue into “that do”, but it does not work like that in English.

In the face of ambiguity most language falls back on context: read the post that my reply was aimed at. In a context where another poster has expressed that all sexual harassment claims are a form of man-hating what do you think you have actually expressed?

Comment Re:... and also think of ... (Score 1) 302


A quick google suggests 288 calories per hour for sex. If those 4.59 billion hours were people having sex instead of watching it: 4.59B * 288 = 1322 * 10^9 calories, using a conversion factor of 1.163*10^-6 is about 1.5 million kwh. So engineers who care about efficiency should get out there and get laid.

(I left out the factor of two because I don't judge people's sexual preferences).

Comment Re:Unclear Story (Score 1) 272

There is already a consortium of banks looking at blockchain technology for that purpose. It was a while ago so I can't remember the details, but JP Morgan might be involved? A custom blockchain would solve a lot of issues that they have, and it would still be a very closed system avoiding many of the issues that bitcoin must have. Interesting area. Doing it via BTC is indeed a totally separate issue.

Comment Re:Unclear Story (Score 1) 272

Ha ha ha. The “government free” libertarian dream? Sure kid, sure it will. Because this time it really is different. Shit, we don’t even have to talk about tulips - remember the last bitcoin bubble / crash? It was only four years ago...

Comment Re:Unclear Story (Score 2) 272

Why would banks using bitcoin for interbank transfers be a good thing?

They have a much faster, more efficient, centralized network. It does not use matic internet money - instead the transfers they make have the same value when they arrive. Bitcoin takes 1-6 hours to make a transfer andbit is not unusual for its values to change by 10-20% in a day.

Comment Re:Apparently that's insignificant now (Score 1) 79

Interesting signs:

1. A bunch of friends who have no interest in bitcoin were debating the energy costs last night.
2. It's mainstream new this morning that it has spiked another $2000 dollars.
3. Browser adverts this morning are "make $1,241 in a single day trading bitcoin!".

So, yeah we are approaching fever pitch. Looking back at the price graph over the past year shows a dramatic acceleration in growth bursts: 2-3 months, 1.5 months, now about a single month. Higher speed of growth each time. I reckon it will pop within a month - and there is normally a dip in trading over christmas.

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