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Comment Re:Reset the password on the accounts. (Score 1) 565

I've had exactly the same experience. FirstnameLastname@gmail, same problems. I tend to handle it the same way although in the past few years blocking domains rather than reseting email settings has been less hassle.

One of the idiots that shares my names is a company director and the most amusing thing that turned up was a set of company accounts prior to a merger. Wound up the lawyer a bit about publishing them.

Comment Re:Who'd a Thunk? (Score 1) 355

To be really specific: subsets of protected groups should be protected. More generally, whatever happened to the idea "don't be a dick to people"? It is a lot shorter than their training course and probably simpler to enforce. Some kind of visual indicator (basically public shaming rather than censorship) would be interesting. Facebook already has a real name policy, so people should be liable for what they say online - if somebody is getting sued it should be the poster rather than Facebook.

Comment Re:Who'd a Thunk? (Score 4, Interesting) 355

Its much easier than that as their rules are logically inconsistent. I am not allowed to say "Women are shit", as it is a protected class. But both "women drivers are shit" and "women non-drivers are shit" are allowed as aubsets are not protected. So "Woman (both those that drive and those that don't) are shit" should get in, and "All Americans (apart from my mate Bob) are cunts" should pass their filter just fine.

Comment Re:I think I should create a macro (Score 1) 195

Why would back-doored encryption look like random data? I understand why it should, but there is no reason that it must. It could be a series of curve points with a recognisable structure, but where using the structure to decode the message still requires access to the backdoor (for example).

Comment Re:I think I should create a macro (Score 1) 195

Why do you assume that the only mode of operation for the cipher is decrypt? If it is a deliberately weakened system then there will be some extra redundancy in the stream: this will be detectable. It seems likely that such a cipher would produce a recognisable stream without it needing to be decrypted (I used to work in implementing crypto-primitives).

We already live in a world where ISPs will spend billions to stick hardware on their networks if they are forced to (e.g. the UK's RIP bill). Most ISPs already want DPI on their networks for QoS and filtering. Sticking a box in there that recognises the kind of unencrypted stream, or that a stream is encrypted by a weak cipher is entirely feasible. Streams encrypted by a strong cipher have a recognisable signature (their statistical distributioni s close to random) so they can also be recognised by DPI.

There is no fantasy involved: the UK government has already shown that it is not limited to doing things that are reasonable or sensible, and that it can legislate any kind of insanity that it wants.

Comment Re:I think I should create a macro (Score 2) 195

But in a world where DPI is running on all the routers those users have now highlighted what they are doing. If everyone uses the same strong encryption: needle in a haystack problem. If almost everyone uses weak encryption: whack a mole. Every single strongly encrypted stream is now a crime: warrants available for more intense scrutiny, just like any other authoritarian regime.

Comment Re:Makes sense now (Score 5, Informative) 193

It's a well-written troll and we can see that you have put the effort in. But you are trying a little bit too hard and it shows. Throw some spelling mistakes in their, or a grammatical error to attract a nazi. This will spark the confrontation that you seek and provide that rich and tasty dopamine reward. Tone down the crazy a notch or two until you hook someone properly then crank it up. Keep some of your powder dry and you'll be rewarded for it. This effort is only worth 5/10 but it is good to see the young trying to learn the old ways. I wish you the best in your future trolling endeavours.

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