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Comment Re:Pilling up technical debt is utterly stupid (Score 1) 182

They constantly have weird break downs and people screwing things up

That's par for the course in IT especially with what appears to be very little QA testing before new releases and patches of various software. However the weird breakdowns and screwups are not supposed to impact on production. There is supposed to be some way to fall back before the users even notice. That does require some sort of budget or at least retention of machines replaced by relatively recent upgrades.
Cut to the bone and those fuckups are in your face instead of something your IT folks swear about in back rooms.

Comment Re:Somewhere, an IT guy is crying (Score 1) 182

The only alternative is to spend vast amounts of money building your own redundant systems

Unless it doesn't actually cost vast amounts of money and in the long run ends up cheaper than outsourcing to people who are (or should be) spending money on the same thing and charging you extra money on top.
Beyond a certain point it gets cheaper to do things yourself instead of paying for someone else's profits.

Comment Re:Only complete idiots are surprised by this (Score 1) 216

Fair enough, but there very plenty of other reasons to laugh at Romney other than that.

I'll go on record saying I don't think Russia is a threat

It appears that thinking wasn't involved before stating that :( You've got to toe the party line I suppose and show that you are a good party member by denying reality.

Comment Re:Samba connected to the Internet? (Score 4, Informative) 79

Unfortunately, it just takes one compromised machine entering your network for that to be an issue. If someone leaves it enabled on their laptop at some open WiFi access point, gets infected, and then connects to your corporate network, then a worm can propagate. Fortunately, there probably aren't enough machines running Samba (macOS switched to Apple's own CIFS implementation since Samba went GPLv3) for it to be easy to propagate (though if someone combined it with the recent Windows SMB vulnerability, then you'd have an interesting worm).

Comment Re: Impacts (Score 1) 121

1). There are studies on the impact of CCD on agriculture. If nothing else, the costs of colony rentals have gone up. That impacts you at the grocery store.

2). The actual cause of CCD is still undetermined. It might be a calm before the storm, or it might be something else.

Could we coin a bee related term such as CMOS, just to make it more confusing?

Comment Re:Hmmmmmmm (Score 1) 147

It was about applying synthetic fertilizer and pesticide to agriculture in a major way

And also many, many other things.

What's your excuse for the massive ignorance you display on this topic

Me? You are the one that says the only relevant advances were synthetic fertilizer and pesticides.

The Green Revolution was about applying corporate involvement to agriculture

Globally? No. Locally? Rarely. Even in the countryside near the city where you obviously rarely left a lot of changes would have been driven by government assistance.

actually live in an agricultural region

Then step outside and talk to someone over 40. You may learn something. Talk to someone on the land over 80 and you'll get the full story.

Comment Re:get real (Score 1) 216

Trump's secret identity as Dr. Evil

It's not exactly secret what Trump is which is why the situation is so ridiculous and potentially tragic. Just one of many connections - his former top advisor was very publicly running a fucking PR campaign for Russian rebels in Ukraine FFS and getting paid directly (not under the counter) by Russian spooks. He was fucking proud of doing promotional work for the shits who shot down a Malaysian airliner with US citizens aboard. Then there's the Russian bank loans to Trump - all perfectly legal but not a good look for a US President to be so far in debt to Russian banks.

f there had been anything substantive, it would have come out by now, either in leaks or in official investigations.

A lot has come out, just not details. Even Watergate took a few years, as did Iran-contra. The CIA Church commission stuff took years as well.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 559

Did you read the link that you titled 'bullshit'? It says people are commuting long distances, this is bad for their general wellbeing, bad for their productivity, and an increasing number are telecommuting as a result. That in no way contradicts what I said, it just adds another reason to avoid jobs that require you to own a car.

Comment Re:Only complete idiots are surprised by this (Score 1) 216

Governor Romney was right in 2012 when he said Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat to the United States. The left was wrong to laugh at him

The laughter was because he was stating the incredibly obvious not because he was wrong. What other choice was there? China, who want to sell us so much and don't want to kill the golden goose?

Comment Re:Old discredited news (Score 1) 216

It's clearly either dishonest or insane to claim that baby Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bush and Reagan were not pro-American leaders.
It may play well to the peanut gallery of fellow travellers but it just looks utterly nuts to everyone else - especially if you compare them to Trump who has spent his entire life trying to screw people over and is the most selfish President the USA has had. He's pro-Trump, he's not on anyone else's side.

Comment Re:Regression (Score 1) 216

The Democrats werent "reduced" to that. They just willingly and knowingly did it, because they thought that they could.

He's describing the other Republicans.
When it was so bad that even tollbooth guy got into the primaries at all then it's pretty fucked up.
Who would have voted Christie for President? Some of the others were almost as bad.

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