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Comment Re:Huh - a subject I'm entirely divided on (Score 1) 183

There's a trade-off between processing power consumption and speed of processing though, and it can be a fine-line.
If your phone is sucking up a lot of juice, then it's going to run out of battery faster... that's an easy enough deduction.
But how about running slow? If it takes 1.5x the amount of time to - say - process a webpage or open an attachment, then potentially you've got the phone in an "active" mode for longer, which may also mean increased usage of the backlight, radio, etc. So even if that uses 80% of the power to do so, 1.5 x 80% actually ends up consuming 120% of the nominal power usage due to the device being "active" longer.

Comment Bot detection (Score 1) 283

I wonder how smart the bots are. If you could target the IP's or characteristics specific to the bot networks, then perhaps it might be possible to jack up the prices and limit stock just for them. It would be a win-in, as the seller gets a boatload of money for the bots, and the "regular" stock is still available to the direct customers.

Comment Tax 'em (Score 1) 34


Consider patents as taxable assets. Tax based on the value of the patents held - which should be declared - with a surtax for unused patents. No tax avoidance loopholes.

If you bring out a submarine that you didn't declare for taxes, or sue while declaring the patent is worth a lot more than you paid taxes for.... oooooo, tax avoidance...

Comment Two good reasons (Score 1) 113

Reason 1:

Reason 2:

Those are two fairly major vulnerabilities that worked at a wireless level. Some vendors got it fixed fairly quickly, a lot did not (especially Android vendors). I love my Android phone feature-wise, but the platform is completely fuckadoo in terms of updates, and various models often have lingering security issues or even ones that get completely abandoned/unpatched, making them not just a risk to the owner but possibly nearby devices or infrastructure.

Realistically Android needs better central control, and much as I'm loath to give Google more control, I believe they should take more ownership of the base OS and patching, allowing for core updates to come from *them* as part of the platform rather than waiting on the vendors to implement their fixes. Make it like more like a Linux OS where they own the kernel and core, and vendors can add their stuff as packages and/or submit any special drivers back to Google for inclusion/patching.

Comment Ditto with Android (Score 1) 90

Recent updates allowed more granular permissions, blocking autostart, and many other things that traditionally I used root apps for.

There is the aspect of maybe blocking Google's own shenannigans though, but not sure if it's worth having a device with other potential attack vectors due to having an non-updatable rooted OS.

Comment Re:As a father I find the reaction disturbing (Score 1) 125

I think that - in part - the reaction is in regards to the comments from a bunch of sickos/pedos as opposed to the kids posting themselves. That said, one *should* learn at a younger age to be careful of what you post online, as in the age of data-retention and mining it could have repercussions later in life.

Maybe one way to deal with it would be to restrict comments on videos posted by young persons.

Comment Re:this bugs me but for a different reason (Score 1) 197

Uh, as a business you can do a fair bit. As you mentioned, you care fire the aggressor, or at least warn him that he's going to be in the unemployment line unless he cuts the bullshit out. There's really *NO* need for any employee to rip into another, exempting where somebody fucked up royally at a job-related task. That's why you're the boss. It's a privilege and a responsibility.

Comment Re:The Tesla Semi takes 7.2 megawatt hours per cha (Score 1) 373

"who the FUCK said that ANYONE wants a semi truck that can accelerate that fast"

Pretty much anyone who is stuck behind the semi which is blocking the left lane while passing the slightly slower semi that's blocking the right lane?
How about the rig that needs to cross a large intersection that will already have the light turning red by the time he's 75% of the way through...

With combined torque and acceleration, there are actually quite a number of situations where this can be a major benefit.

Comment Re:It only matters if.... (Score 1) 307

Indeed, I see little wrong with Micro or Loot so long as it's not tied to functionality (pay-to-win, pay-to-play). It's been proven over and over that people are willing to do the loot/micro thing for hats, skins, and unique visuals that in no way affect your ability to progress or win the game (and weren't advertised as part of the game). IMHO that seems a good balance to me.

If EA allowed you some freaking tie-fighter decals or the ability to buy certain custom character appearances, it's cool. If you have to P2W to get the abilities/weapons or stuff that was advertised as part of the core game, not core.

Even having people collect items to build a Darth "skin" would be not too bad assuming one could still have the same jedi/sith abilities without, and as long as it wasn't advertised as being part of the game...

Comment Re:Come on, come on (Score 1) 307

Remember how Command & Conquer: Renegade was received when Westwood tried the opposite? Don't even think about it. There is no way to "improve" the gameplay.

I don't recall renegade, but "Starcraft: Ghost" was well-received in concept, even though the project ultimately failed.I think it could still be doable today with a rainbow-6 cross Assassin's Creed type game mechanic.

We already have a lot of book series which are spinoffs of or tied to game series, so I really see no reason one couldn't make an FPS-type game based on an RTS, or vice-versa. Blizzard's Overwatch could have had the same characters in something similar to LoL/DOTA.

Similarly, something like a new "Mass Effect" game could be great, so long as they have a good plot-line but to some extend honor their predecessors. ME2 changed how various game mechanics worked and did just fine. ME3 was good up to the end at which at lot of people feel it failed on plot

Nintendo has actually mixed up their core offerings a fair bit in some cases, be the the 2d->3d change with Metroid, or Zelda going from a 2d top-down to pseudo-3d, to full 3d, to 3d open-world. Being that BOTW is arguably one of the best games out in the last year or so, it's hard to say that you can stay within the say formula but still be "different" enough to be appealing.

Comment Re:Moving toward no keyboard (Score 1) 529

What I'm still surprised about is that the "convertible" devices still haven't caught on: Something where you drop your phone/tablet/etc in a dock and then it attaches to accelerated hardware.

I guess only of the problems is that most mobile devices and ARM and/or Android/iOS based which doesn't exactly lend to a great desktop experience. Still, most mobile devices are getting beefy enough that they can run some fairly heavy apps/games if you add a little horsepower when docked. Maybe something like a Switch for a general purpose PC/mobile device.

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