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Comment Re:Software patents are teh suck (Score 1) 219

Furthermore, I would suggest that the faster an area of technology moves, the less it matters how long the patent term is. A patent in such an area will quickly become obsolete. It's actually stagnant technology where a long patent term on a rare innovation is most valuable.

A patent is a wall in front of progress. The faster the progress, the more the wall arrests. The whole point of patents is to encourage people to invent things so valuable that others would rather pay to be let through that wall than have to go around it.

Software patents are like being surrounded by walls, as if in maze with no guaranteed exit, and all the walls have blurry edges, and some of them will solidify to a razor's edge for sole purpose of cutting you as travel along a path that has been clear for decades.

Comment Re:Anti-trust? (Score 1) 393

they wouldn't need to have a monopoly in the graphics card market, so long as they had monopoly in the physics rendering market.

I dont know if they do and am not saying it is illegal, just pointing out that it could be even though they don't have monopoly in video cards.

Comment Re:First descibed in 1834 by John Scott Russell (Score 1) 183

I do not think the compressed pulse can be transmitted any length in any fiber. Since the different parts of the pulse have different wavelength, dispersion would destroy the signal fast. Except maybe for vacuum. Traffic at different wavelength have many nonlinear interactions that are amplified if the signals travel all at one speed. Zero dispersion fibers (which is that only at one f anyway) have been abandoned for dispersive fibers to accommodate multicolor traffic.

Comment Re:Fake it 'till you make it (Score 1) 650

Best Buy's sales staff are not paid on commission, as far as I'm aware.

They are not, this is true, but they are under tremendous pressure to get customers to participate in the company's programs - warranty, Best Buy card, etc - and to up-sell accessories.

So the statement would be amended to...

2) Salesmen are paid on performance. The more you spend, the more they make.

Comment Re:Well yes (Score 1, Troll) 459

not this stupid argument again
you are comparing apples and oranges, known bugs in an open codebase, which gets patched relatively quickly.
and known bugs in a closed codebase which gets patched not so quickly. I am sure if we could see the code we could find some more bugs, but alas... we shall never know.

and since we can not know you can not really compare the numbers in a meaningful way.

also, when they do those bug counts on linux they tend to add in bugs from other packages, so are the adding in bugs on popular plugins or anything as well? unfortunately those numbers are hard to trust, because the people who gather them have shown themselves to be untrustworthy in the past.

that said IE8 is better than earlier versions, I still don't like it and not because its microsoft, but because the interface stinks and it has had some rendering issues with sites I use, I prefer safari on osx and ff when I have to use windows.

If you like IE, more power to you, I would love to see windows users switch from ie6 to ie8, makes my life easier.

Submission + - Arizona Parents lose custody of kids over bathtime ( 1

sv_libertarian writes: "An Arizona couple had their children taken from them by Child Protective Services when a Wal Mart employee developing pictures on a memory stick found pictures of the children in a bathtub, and reported the parents to local authorities. The parents were able to successfully challenge the matter, and are now suing Wal Mart, among others over the matter."

Comment Re:Summary is wrong (Score 5, Insightful) 62

It would seem to me, if you are publishing it as a webpage purposely and linking to it from a public website, one would think you would like it to be crawled.

I got the email from google since I admin two google apps domains, and have no problem with it. We don't normally publish docs like this, but if I did it would be because I wanted them found.

I am sure a lot of people on here are going to go overboard like they always do because it is google, but it is not going to expose all of your private docs.

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