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When Does Technolust Become An Addiction? 281

An anonymous reader writes "According to a CNet article, an incredible one in three people aged 16 to 24 in the UK would not give up their mobile phone for a million pounds. 'The phone-centric survey, called Mobile Life, was carried out across the UK and questioned 1,256 people aged 16 to 64 on a variety of topics ... So young people really like having a mobile phone and we all love buying gadgets. But before you dismiss this research as stating the bleeding obvious, think about this -- if someone had told you even ten years ago that people would be taking out second mortgages to buy flat screen TVs, would you have believed it?' Is this just the result of deliberately skewed marketing dressed up as research, or is this another indication of western culture's obsession with communication and technology? How much is too much tech?"
The Internet

Canadian DMCA Coming This Spring 153

An anonymous reader writes "The Canadian government is reportedly ready to introduce copyright reform legislation this spring, provided that no election is called. The new bill would move Canada far closer to the U.S. on copyright, with DMCA-style anti-circumvention legislation that prohibits circumvention of DRM systems and bans software and mod chips that can be used to circumvent such systems."

MS Requiring More Expensive Vista if Running Mac 545

ktwdallas writes "Mathew Ingram from Canada's Globe and Mail writes that Microsoft will require at least the $299 Business version of Vista or higher if installing on a Mac with virtualization. Running the cheaper Basic or Premium versions would be a violation of their user agreement. According to the article, Microsoft's reasoning is 'because of security issues with virtualization technology'. Sounds suspiciously like a 'Mac penalty' cost that Microsoft is trying to justify."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Inside ReactOS

Andareed writes: "Alex Ionescu, a lead developer of ReactOS (an open-source, source and binary compatible clone of Windows NT) recently gave a talk on the internals of ReactOS. In this talk, Ionescu also discusses how ReactOS is nearing complete kernel compatibility with Windows Server 2003. Interestingly, Ionescu hints that there are no plans for ReactOS once the kernel has been completed."

Submission + - 1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft

alumctdalek writes: "I found an interesting talk by Bill Gates from 1989 (available in FLAC, MP3, WAV, and OGG). Gates talks about how he first started Microsoft and his day as a developer. He goes on to discuss what his vision for the future of Microsoft is. The most interesting thing he talks about is how he thought that in 1981 640k should have been ok for 10 years, when in fact it was only ok for about 6 years. Perhaps this is where this infamous quote by Bill Gates came from: "640K ought to be enough for anybody.""

Vista Worse For User Efficiency Than XP 546

erikvlie writes "Pfeiffer Consulting released a report on User Interface Friction, comparing Windows Vista/Aero with Windows XP and Mac OS X. The report concludes that Vista/Aero is worse in terms of desktop operations, menu latency, and mouse precision than XP — which was and still is said to be a lot worse on those measures than Mac OS X. The report was independently financed. The IT-Enquirer editor has read the report and summarized the most important findings."
Operating Systems

Submission + - FreeBSD SMP greatly outperforms Linux under MySQL

shocking writes: "The recent work on moving FreeBSD to a new framework dealing with SMP issues (SMPng) has been finished, so developers have been benchmarking & profiling the code to find performance bottlenecks. After correcting a few, they found that a multithreaded MySQL benchmark performed extremely well under high load, maintaining throughput in situations where Linux throughput collapsed. The write-up is at http://people.freebsd.org/~kris/scaling/mysql.html "

Submission + - BulRay, HD-DVD encrytion defeated

Linuxploitation writes: As reported at The Register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/14/aacs_hack/ A lone hacker has unlocked the master key preventing the copying of high-definition DVDs in a development that is sure to get the entertainment industry's knickers wrapped tighter than a magnet's coil. What's more, the individual was able to defeat the technology with no cracking tools or reverse engineering, despite the millions of dollars and many years engineers put into developing the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) for locking down high-definition video.
The Internet

Submission + - Ted Stevens calls Wikipedia ban in Schools

DJCacophony writes: "Ted "series of tubes" Stevens has introduced his next piece of proposed legislation. Going by the interim name S.49, the bill aims to block access to interactive websites from schools and libraries. The wording of the bill is vague enough to apply to Wikipedia, Myspace (and other social networking sites), and potentially even blogs.
The bill is apparently so similar to the failed "Deleting Online Predators Act" of last year that it has been termed "DOPA jr." by some."

Submission + - Microsoft extended xp support to 2014

nithinraju writes: "As declared earlier,Microsoft released their new operating system Windows "Vista" at midnight on Jan. 29. Everybody believes that with vista`s release, XP will lose its popularity. But latest news says that "Microsoft extended xp support to 2014".so xp users have to enjoy! With this extended support, XP will get a total support of 12 years. This is a record for Microsoft ,for offering largest support period for an Operating System. But the bad news is that their latest version "vista" will get support for only 10 years. ie XP regained its strength. Microsoft gave no reason for the support changes to Windows XP."

Submission + - Skype's BIOS Reading Process Part of DRM

Juha-Matti Laurio writes: "An official statement related to Skype's feature to read motherboard serial number on every startup has been released. The Chief Security Officer of the company states that the software in use 'includes a form of digital rights management functionality intended to protect commercial software, such as plug-ins, from illegal redistribution or unlicensed use.' Additionally, the newest Skype version (released this week) no longer attemps to read the serial number. Conspiracy theories about generating an individual encryption key or tracking the users are not needed any more."

Breakdown Forces New Look At Mars Mission Sexuality 528

FloatsomNJetsom writes "Popular Mechanics has up an interesting story, discussing what the long-term implications of the Lisa Nowak incident could mean for Mars Mission crew decisions: With a 30-month roundtrip, that isn't the sort of thing you'd want to happen in space. Scientists have been warning about the problems of sex on long-term spaceflight, and experts are divided as to whether you want a crew of older married couples, or asexual unitard-wearing eunuchs. The point the article makes specifically is that NASA's current archetype of highly-driven, task-oriented people might be precisely the wrong type for a Mars expedition. In addition scientists may use genomics or even functional MRI in screening astronauts, in addition to facial-recognition computers to monitor mental health during the mission." Maybe observers could just deploy the brain scanner to keep track of them?

Apple's Windows Apps Not Ready For Vista 278

narramissic writes "A new Apple technical support document confirms that none of the company's Windows Applications are compatible with Vista. Affected applications include: 'QuickTime, the iPod shuffle reset utility, Bonjour for Windows, AirPort for Windows, the iDisk utility, AppleWorks for Windows, and Apple Software Update for Windows. The stand-alone iPod updater for iTunes 6 for Windows also isn't ready for Vista.'" The article refers to an Apple tech support document dated "today" (02/08) — without providing a link — but a search turns up only this one from 02/02.

Journal Journal: 15 year old charged with sexual abuse of herself. 1

A teenager has been charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography after taking and posting pictures of herself to chat rooms. While investigation may have been justified, the continued possesion and presentation of evidence required by prosecution reeks of hypocrisy. How can they justify further abuse of the victim? How can they s

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