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Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 671

I agree entirely. Let's not forget that sales is a phenomenally difficult profession to work in. I work as an SE, so I sit in between technology and sales by handling the technical parts of a sale for an enterprise software vendor (yes, I said enterprisy, yes I spend my days pulling my hair out). I am in awe of what these sales guys can do to navigate around a potential customer, figuring out who has budget, can make decisions, convincing them that we can add value and letting us get in to do a POC.

Also, it's a very feast or famine type of a job, exceed your quota and your laughing all the way to the bank, miss 2 quarters in a row and your out. I know people talk about lack of job security in any profession but I for these guys the cost of failure, your fault or not, is pretty high.

Comment Re:Tried to mistype both, (Score 1) 86

I think it depends on what words you use as well, my iPhone now auto corrects all kinds of words which aren't in the dictionary, such as the name of my employer, our products and the village I live in. It might be getting these from things like the address book of course so I don't know for sure.
Open Source

Linux 2.6.37 Released 135

diegocg writes "Version 2.6.37 of the Linux kernel has been released. This version includes SMP scalability improvements for Ext4 and XFS, the removal of the Big Kernel Lock, support for per-cgroup IO throttling, a networking block device based on top of the Ceph clustered filesystem, several Btrfs improvements, more efficient static probes, perf support to probe modules, LZO compression in the hibernation image, PPP over IPv4 support, several networking microoptimizations and many other small changes, improvements and new drivers for devices like the Brocade BNA 10GB ethernet, Topcliff PCH gigabit, Atheros CARL9170, Atheros AR6003 and RealTek RTL8712U. The fanotify API has also been enabled. See the full changelog for more details."

Submission + - Goldeneye Source released ( 2

tekgoblin writes: Were you a fan of the original Goldeneye on N64? Well this 5 year Half-Life 2 mod called GoldenEye Source has just come out of beta and fully released free. The game is a fan-made creation with the objective to bring the original experiences from GoldenEye on N64 back to life. I remember spending hours upon hours playing Goldeneye on the N64 and was sad seeing it go.

Comment Re:Resistance Of Change (Score 1) 511

...this technological miracle that was recently invented (years ago) called Outlook.

You had me up until that bit.

In fairness, it's really not a bad tool. I use Outlook task list all the time to remind me to do stuff. Calendar, email, task and simple notes in one place makes sense to me. I think this is one of the products Microsoft really has got right, it works for 99% of people, picks its way though whatever proxy or auth I am sat behinf in the client office or hotel and is for me the best place for short term off site backup.

Comment Re:Obsessesion (Score 1) 366

I think your spot on, I say this as an iPhone user for about a year who just picked up one for my wife. She didn't see te point of it when I first got mine but came round and now she has one thinks it is the best thing since bread. Apple make product for people, Joe Public. I use Apple at home because I spend my day job making tech work, when I get home I just want to make Family Guy appear on my TV or get my email. No fuss no effort.

Comment Re:Telemarketer solution (Score 1) 454


You might enjoy driving or getting better performance or whatever. Lots of other people prefer not to have to push the clutch in and out constantly for the hour of stop-and-go bumper to bumper commuting that do each day (and don't try telling them to just stay in second, that's just more details they don't care about...)

Agreed, my last car had a manual transmission, and was fantastic taking for a nice Sunday drive round some of the country road where I live (making sure I can stop in the distance I an see, etc. etc. etc.) But I got an auto next, I just thought its a bit dumb to choose a transmission, suspension and the rest based on 5% of my driving. Sure I have lost the fun when I want it, some handling compared to picking up an equivalent sport model and the performance/mpg loss of an auto, but it works for the 95% of the time I just need to get from A to B.

This might disqualify my from being a petrol head, but I do plan to buy an Alfa at some point, also once I have a house with a garage I will be getting a kit car to build and have fun in. Yes, there is a long list of motoring ambitions waiting on having bought/paid for the actual important things in life

First Person Shooters (Games)

Modern Warfare 2 Surpasses $1 Billion Mark; Dedicated Servers What? 258

The Opposable Thumbs blog is running an interesting article contrasting everything Activision did "wrong" in creating and marketing Modern Warfare 2 with the game's unqualified success. Despite price hikes, somewhat shady review practices, exploit frustrations, and the dedicated server fiasco, the game has raked in over a billion dollars in sales. "There was only one way to review Modern Warfare 2: on the Xbox 360, in Santa Barbara, under the watchful eye of Activision. Accepting the paid trip, along with room and board, was the only way you were going to get a review before launch. Joystiq noted that this broke their ethics policy, but they went anyway. Who can say no to a review destined to bring in traffic? Shacknews refused to call their coverage a 'review' because of the ethical issues inherent in the situation, but that stance was unique. The vast majority of news outlets didn't disclose how the review was conducted, or added a disclaimer after the nature of the review was made public. This proved to Activision that if you're big enough, you can dictate the exact terms of any review, and no ethics policy will make news outlets turn you down."

Comment Re:Conveniently forgetting the details (Score 1) 929

-passport stamps from Arab countries -

What's wrong with visiting an arab country? or do you believe in enclosing a race to their own land and prevent them from outside contact? Similar logic to that of a certain country, I must say.

Erm, have you ever tried to enter certain Arab coutries with an Israeli stamp in your passport? I don't think so. Israel will still let you in the country, just they make ask more questions and check you and your belongings out a little more. Some countries just wont let you in if you have an Israeli stamp, this is why some people have 2 passports, both from the same country.

Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost. (Score 1) 429

Yes, because a first past the post system for electing a national president is a brilliant little bit of political legislation.

While PR may, possibly, at some point in the future for some mythical nation work when electing a legislative house of some kind, I find it very hard to work out how you can use anything other than FPTP when allowing the electorate to directly decide on a single person to lead a nation. Do you really want to see Obamas bottom half and McCains top half running the USA. (It would be that way around, that way the knees work properly)

Comment Re:What's the fascination? (Score 1) 54

Erm, if your tone deaf, learning to play a musical instrument is astonishingly hard, trust me, you end up learning everything by wrote with no real aural feeling of what you are playing. Ditto with DJing, you can learn to beat match, but not being able to tell which key parts of your records are in makes things sound just wrong to normal people. Guitar Hero gets round this issue, also as others have said, it's fun.

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