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Comment Re:Crossed lines (Score 1) 166

I gotta admit, that caught my eye, too.

But if they can prove it, that goes against claims by many in the state and oil industry. The oil industry would likely try to hound/silence/sue the insurance company.

Not necessarily. Industries and governments are famous for two-faced policies.

If the insurance company says that they were manmade, the government can say, "No, they weren't, but this is a civil matter and we can't interfere." And nothing will happen. Worst case, it will be tied up in courts for the next 20 years. By then, those people currently in charge will have made a ton of money and be retired somewhere outside the US.

It's kind of like the music industry claiming that a 30-second ringtone is enough the song that consumers must pay royalties while, at the same time, claiming that they weren't so they didn't have to pay the artists royalties.

And then there's a giant class-action lawsuit where the insurance and oil companies are held jointly & severally liable. Or there's a lawsuit which crosses state lines & works its way through the federal system up to the supreme court.

Comment Re:Fuck so-called religious "freedom" (Score 1) 1168

Except treat the law isn't put into place for preventing the Baker from having to make gay-themed cupcakes, but allows the Baker to refuse to sell existing, plain ole vanilla cupcakes to a sexual deviant. The question boils down to "What is a protected class?" Given that Indiana (and all states other than Louisiana) follow common law rules, prior cases involving protected classes are relevant. Common law had already established that race and religious beliefs are protected classes. Why sexual orientation has to be a question is something best explained by bigotry and is the whole point of why protected classes are legally exist.

Comment Re:Better Arguments Needed (Score 1) 1081

I completely agree...but isn't this what you are also doing too?

I don't think there's a need to feel remorse for ridding society of someone about whom otherwise never give another thought, but who comes to our attention for being a satisfied murderer of innocent people. Supporting the removal of that person from existence isn't the same as wanting to kill anyone.

Similar arguments have been used throughout history. Examples include the early years of the USSR, Andrew Jackson's reign of the US, and Hitler's reign of Germany. Sadly, history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Comment Consumers are cheap (Score 2) 415

Consumers are cheap - this is evidenced by the number of consumers who never install a new version of Windows on their computers. How will Microsoft get people to subscribe when they buy a new computer?

Buy this new laptop for only $499!*
*Plus recurring $10/moy payments for the remainder of the computer's life

Yeah, that will sell like hotcakes....

Comment Have they fixed the following "bugs" yet? (Score 1) 305

I'm still on 10.6 or 10.7, but have they fixed the following bugs yet?

  1. UID 1000 is invisible/hidden at boot-up log-in selection. UID 500 and 1001 are visible, but for whatever idiotic decision, UID1000 requires typing in the username instead of clicking on it. Definitely hampers the WAF in my household.
  2. reintegrate MIT-Kerberos. Setting this up was an unnecessary PIA

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