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Comment Re:Bingo! (Score 1) 638

Obviously there is misguided idealism. There were a lot of highly idealistic Nazis in Germany in the 1930s and the first half of the 1940s, for example. What I'm saying is that idealism is necessary to get positive change done, not that it's sufficient or always helpful.

Comment Re: What does this have to do with science? (Score 1) 638

First, it depends on what you're considering. If you're wondering about the fate of modern civilization, it isn't going to be overrun by barbarians. If you're looking at something more abstract, it may be relevant. It does have something to do with how Western civilization formed.

Second, more advanced societies can produce more and better things. Weapons are not an exception, and have not been for a long time. There are periods when barbarians have had better weapons than more civilized folk, but usually not for long.

Comment Re: What does this have to do with science? (Score 1) 638

Traditionally, a large percentage of barbarians (the dangerous ones, anyway) practiced the warlike arts, unlike more civilized people. More civilized people had higher population density, and therefore would prevail in battle, all other things being equal. Once military training got to be more effective than a lot of practice, the balance went even more in favor of civilization.

Comment Re:What does this have to do with science? (Score 1) 638

What's doubly funny about your example is that when the issues in question actually ARE examined by scientists in the relevant fields, they often come to conclusions that the left then ignores and/or flames for alleged political bias.

Your statement is also true when substituting "right" for "left". Both sides have people who deny the science in favor of what they want to be true for political purposes.

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