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Comment Re:Company rushes to meet launch date (Score 4, Insightful) 238

I have been pulled aside by a very high level manager, told to put all of my development on hold and implement entirely new functionality for a large enterprise product

This functionality required three months of team effort to develop properly + another two weeks of due diligence, pre-release testing, and deployment. And then he told me to get it deployed in three weeks.

That's how this can happen.

Comment It Depends (Score 4, Insightful) 262

On the goal and nature of the redesign.

If the goal is to improve usability, then the customers should. Of course their input should be focused through the UI/UX guys.

If the goal is to increase profitability, then for B2C software, marketers and for B2B sales.

If the goal is to improve the maintainability and stability, then software engineers.

If the goal is to improve operability, then the operators.

If the goal is to improve scalability, then capacity planners and enterprise architects through the lens of software engineers.

Comment Services (Score 4, Insightful) 240

Apps may or may not stick around, but one trend will continue: the increase in service oriented computing.

I.e. computing functionality is being broken down into modular services (usually web services) that are simple enough and independent enough to be easily scaled horizontally but that can be composed in order to provide richer more complex functionality.

If you understand this architecture, it will help your marketability immensely whether you are writing end user interfaces (such as apps) or building the aforementioned services.

Comment Quotation marks (Score 1) 198

The convention in the United States for decades has been to places periods inside the quotation marks. All others are based on the actual quote. The Chicago Manual of Style, as one of many, recommends this, but most guides point out that the British style placing anything not part of the quote outside of the quotation marks is acceptable but may be seen as unusual to American readers--of all ages.

Although putting periods inside quotation marks is recommended by various manuals of style and others recommend putting them outside, I believe that both approaches are misguided

Clarity should be the primary concern in language. Quotation marks are used to indicate that the current passage is repeating something verbatim from another source. It is most accurate to include punctuation inside quotation marks if that punctuation is repeated verbatim. In that case, they are punctuating the original. If they are not from the original source, they should be used outside.

Comment Free Trade? Yeah right. (Score 4, Funny) 203

I find it really ironic that it is a "Free Trade Agreement" that is preventing an activity that fundamentally is "Free Trade" (you can sell an unlocked phone to someone on another network).

I believe it comes down to the fact that governments support business at the expense of small business and DIYers. Probably because small business can't aford lobbyists.

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