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Submission + - Dominos Pizza = Latest Guerilla Ads

SinGunner writes: On Youtube recently, there have been posts of a supposed spoiled rich girl (Mckenzie) who gets a red car instead of blue for her birthday and freaks out. Supposedly her little brother films the whole thing and posts it on Youtube. The resolution follow-up vids show her getting a new car and claiming to sell the old one on Ebay for 9.99 with a flash at the end for "", which redirects (slowly) to Dominos' latest ad campaign.

I'm not in marketing or an editor, you kids can re-write this with a Slashdot spin. It's bogus and only mildly amusing until you realize they're all actors and the joke is on you.

Submission + - TiVo for Motorola Cable Boxes & Series 3 Updat

TheTechLounge writes: "Tivo, probably my favorite Consumer Electronics company, made a few important announcements here at CES 2007. The first and most important announcement is the unveiling of the TiVo software ported to work on Motorola cable boxes that are subscribed to the Comcast cable network. The next feature is an update to the Series 3 software that allows you to view pictures in HD."

Submission + - warner brings blue ray and HDDVD on a single disc

ganjadude writes: "According to PC mag, Warner brothers has introduced total HD, a disc which has blue ray on 1 side and HDDVD on the other

"A two-format marketplace is not ideal," he concedes. "We can't change the fact that the current multiple-format marketplace is there." But with Total HD, "you can get all of the content with none of the risk."

Could this be the solution we have been looking for?"

Submission + - Apple Drops 'Computer' From Name

WeAz writes: "AppleInsider is reporting that Apple Computers will be renamed Apple, Inc. The move to rename the company follows Apple's move from traditional computing to being a serious competitor in multimedia (iPod, Apple TV) and telecommunications (iPhone)."
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - Play GBA Games on Your Nintendo Wii

An anonymous reader writes: DCEmu have posted a tutorial that explains how to get Game Boy Advance games on your Nintendo Wii using an Action Replay disc with builtin Freeloader and also Datels Advance Game Port which plugs into a Gamecube Memory Card slot on the Nintendo Wii, using this tutorial will allow you to play all your GBA games and even homebrew if you have the hardware needed.

Submission + - Solar car attempts to break record

snowdon writes: "The UNSW solar car, Jaycar Sunswift III, set off yesterday in an attempt to break the world record for a west-to-east crossing of Australia: about 4000km. The previous record stands at 8.5 days, set by Dick Smith and Aurora in 1993, and the team is attempting to complete the journey in less than 6. The car is one of the most advanced ever built, and is the result of several years of undergrad and postgrad volunteer labour. Features of interest: the car's design was refined by performing simulations on a large (80 PC) cluster for three months; the car is constructed almost exclusively using carbon fibre (including suspension and steering components); the car's control, power and telemetry electronics are custom-built and run both Linux and L4/Iguana. You can track the team's progress over the next few days at"

Submission + - CanWest makes deal to buy Alliance- $2.3 billion

adamlazz writes: "CanWest Global Communications Corp and an affiliate of Goldman, Sachs & Co. are paying $2.3-billion to buy Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. The combined expertise of CanWest and Alliance Atlantis will enable them to produce even better Canadian content, promote it more effectively, and provide greater access to more viewers across more platforms. Alliance Atlantis' launch of BlogTv is a great example of the many 'platforms that will come in the future."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - uClinux on the PSP

chris_mulhearn writes: "I recently ported uClinux-2.4.19 to the Playstation Portable. It doesn't do very much yet, but it does boot into an interactive shell that is accessible through a serial port located on the headphone jack. There is also a minimal statically-linked userland based on sources in the uClinux-dist package. Check it out here."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Second Life Sued For Stolen Virtual Property

Petey_Alchemist writes: "The press loves Second Life, the MMORPG with a twist. For years, Linden Labs — the founders and administrators of Second Life — averred that yes, you do own your land, and yes, you do own your intellectual property (animations, scripts, etc.) However, the terms also reserve the right for Linden Labs to ban you and reabsorb your assets on a whim.

This contradiction, as might be expected, has been the source of much in-world drama over the last few years. But now, Pennsylvania lawyer Mark Bragg is taking Linden Labs to court. Bragg alleges that the company committed a crime when, after he used an exploit to underbid on a land auction, Linden Labs not only invalidated his purchase, but also refused to refund the money. When he complained, they banned him, resold his land, took the $2000 U.S. worth of Linden Dollars he had in his account, and then continued to charge him property tax for the land he could no longer access.

Second Life Insider (which, editorially, takes an anti-Bragg stance) has the first story on actual filing, and includes a link to the full text of the complaint."

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