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Comment Re:Yeah well (Score 1, Interesting) 259

Can you work with an USB stick and a mouse at the same time?

Didn't you read my comment, or are you trolling?

Yes, I can work with an USB stick and a mouse just fine, even without unplugging any of the three external USB hard drives nor the USB scanner. My USB hub still has 2 free ports, and both my external keyboard and mouse are Bluetooth.

Comment Re:Yeah well (Score 1, Informative) 259

That's the problem. I don't want to have to buy a bag full of adapters.

Ok, I'll bite. What are you going to connect to this machine that you'll need "a bag full of adapters" for?

For the record, I've been using a MacBook as my primary machine for several months. This machine has a single USB-C port. When it's docked at home I'm using exactly ONE adapter: Apple's USB-C Digital Multiport adapter (USB-C + HDMI + USB). It's plugged to USB-C power, a 27" Asus display, three external USB hard drives and a USB scanner via a generic USB hub.

I really don't see most people using more than one adapter, and even less a few months from now when most new devices come equipped with an USB-C port.

Comment Retro computers (Score 1) 348

Then there's also the popularity of retro computers and consoles. There is an increasing number of indie/amateur developers developing for these machines as a hobby.

During the last few months I have been uploading my Z80 assembly code to GitHub myself (a game for MSX computers), and many other developers are doing the same.

Comment Re:~50% (Score 1) 741

Yep. Core tenets of fascism: Nationalism, Totalitarianism, One-party state, Personality cult, Dictatorship, Militarism, Direct action, Mixed economy, Class collaboration, Third Position, New Man, Imperialism, Social order. Most of those apply to President Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

If you're trying to say that Obama is a fascist, then you have no idea about what you're talking about and you should be taken to a real fascist regime for a few years so you can learn your politics.

Sometimes I think it would be better to let Trump win in order to put some sense in your heads (or at least those of you who manage to survive), as it had to be done to Germany in World War II.

Comment Re: unique id (Score 1) 214

Where I am, we have one number for tax, one number for health care, one number for drivers license, one number for passports, and nobody uses any of them improperly. But they are all secret, and not known to anyone who doesn't need to know it.

SSN is supposed to be secure, but everyone has it and it isn't secure.

Exactly, it's the same thing in Spain. I have one DNI number (Documento Nacional de Identidad, National Identity Document), a drivers license number, and a passport number (used to be the same as my DNI, but now that I live in Japan the number has changed). Spain also has a number for tax purposes, the NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal, Tax Identification Number), but it's just the DNI + a letter which is a function of the DNI numbers, sort of a CRC.

We don't go around telling our ID numbers to everybody (unless you're a business, then you're required to), but they aren't exactly secret either. The government itself routinely makes them available when publishing documents about student grants, lawsuits, etc, as in this one.

If you know my full name you can easily find out mine searching for "firstname lastname1 lastname2 NIF".

Comment Re: unique id (Score 5, Informative) 214

The way the SSN is, it is like having a password for very important things, but one that you have to give out to every street vendor to verify you as well. Identity theft nightmare for the owner.


The problem isn't what the SSN is. The problem is the way the SSN is used.

I'm Spanish. In Spain we have a national ID system, and I have my own ID number. However, we don't use this number as a password in order to verify that we are who we say we are. It's used more or less as an index in a database. You can easily find my national ID number with a simple Google search. Mine, and probably every other Spanish citizen's. No big deal about it.

In you case, what's going on is that a bunch of clueless policy makers working for businesses decided that the SSN would work fine as a way to identify people. It's not. You're using it wrong.

Comment Re:TRS-80 Basic (Score 3, Interesting) 78

That's actually how I learnt to code as a child, using MSX-BASIC. I'm now 40 and still using MSX computers (real hardware, though the emulators are useful for development).

If you're interesting in learning to code for these things (they're Z80-based, like the TRS-80), I'm writing a course about coding with the MSX-C compiler. 26 chapters released so far:


Comment Re:Won't someone think of hurting the children?? (Score 4, Insightful) 261

In the same universe where we don't just pat them on the head and say "isn't that sweet" when they do other illegal things that they should know are wrong.

You're an idiot, there's no other way to explain your way of thinking.

A 14-year boy is still a boy. He's still learning how to behave, making mistakes and learning from them. He sent a naked photo of himself to a girl. SO FUCKING WHAT? Talk to the parents and let them explain to him why that's not acceptable. It's their responsibility to raise the child and educate him to be able to function in society.

You're arguing that it's acceptable to have laws that give children who make mistakes a criminal record. No, these laws are not acceptable, and they're a sign of how idiotic and shortsighted our society is becoming. People like you are the problem.

Comment Re:Artifacts (Score 1) 129

This changed over time, to where they tinkered with dropping the quest entirely and making it an ultra rare end boss drop (Burning Crusade), a steadier but more grindy quest (Lich King, Cataclysm) to the model they have now, where basically everyone and their brother who does enough raids (even on the lowest possible difficulty) will eventually earn the artifact.

Exactly. This is probably the biggest factor in making me leave WoW. It used to be that you used whatever gear you could get your hands on (as a holy paladin my toon used to wear some cloth items to increase spell power). There was more diversity, and you could very well estimate the skill and accomplishments of someone by looking at his gear. Then they introduced the token system, and after a little while everybody was wearing the same gear.

I played since vanilla all the way through MoP. I got an invite for the WoD beta and logged in once, but didn't bother after that.

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