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Comment It's not a discussion... (Score 2) 582

It's a statement. It's a statement by a dogmatist on one side, and there will be statements by dogmatists on the other side. Two dogmatists don't have discussions--they just try to shout one another down.

Yeah, if you get enough eyeballs on a problem, sure it might be easier to solve. But users != eyeballs. I suppose being open source, it is easier to get eyeballs on something, but it is also easier for the black hats to get eyeballs on something as well and exploit it.

In the end, neither side in the dogmatic divide is likely to listen let alone switch sides.

Comment "Firemen less sure" (Score 1) 253

Down in Texas, they put a man to death (Cameron Todd Willingham) because they were sure he committed arson and killed his kids. Forensic scientists later showed the fire marshal to be wrong using....science. I'd rather trust scientists to tell me what happened than some firefighter that just lasted on the job long enough to be the investigator or kissed enough butt.

Comment Re:Gee, really? (Score 1) 530

Ok, I did the math...

Assume numbers in article are true and that the cost of the system plus gold cards in cash is $384.52... The buyer is financing $285.52 for 24 months--$384.52 - $99. The buyer is making 24 payments of $14.99. Use TVM calculator, and the interest rate is 1.94% per period, multiply by 12 for yearly to get 23.28%. So, it's about the same as a bad credit card, or a credit card if you miss a payment. It's still way less than the 300+% from Rent-A-Center or payday loan places. You'd be better off going to Best Buy and going for a 12-month no interest plan, or paying off in cash to begin with. I'm sure its market is those with low impulse control--teenagers.

Comment Gee, really? (Score 1) 530

Maybe next there will be a slashdot story telling me that buying my TV from Rent-A-Center is a bad deal, or that Montel Williams Money Mutual Loans might not be such a good deal??? Duh?

Actually, compared to those deals hawked by Troy Aikman, Hulk Hogan, and Montel Williams, the Microsoft deal isn't so bad a ripoff. Some finance guy could probably tell us the interest rate--might be less than a credit card?

Comment Re:Make his own? (Score 5, Informative) 166

What does it mean?

Well, he owned a music store and was selling Fender amps from America. He took them apart and inspected them and figured he could make them cheaper and sell them for a better profit in England than he could by importing them from America. He used British variations of tubes that gave his amps a different sound than Fender amps. He happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right product.

Comment Re (Score 1) 7

You should have gone to their website and paid that way. I wouldn't trust a clerk to enter the information correctly. You can also set up automatic payments so that you will be on time and eventually your bill will be lower.

Comment Markus is acting like a bureaucrat... (Score 1) 367

I have an account. I logged in some time last week and it said my password had expired and I needed to change it. The change screen was sort of crappy and I was able to "reset" my password to the old password. If the rat b@st@rd had said "we've been hacked and you need to change your password", well, I would have changed my password to something else. But, just a simple expiration? Well, really not a reason to change my password.

Bureaucrats get caught with their pants down, don't come clean for a while, and then they go and blame everyone else for their screw ups.

Markus, take a hint. Don't send people's passwords to them in an e-mail once or more a week. Geez... Now, I do have a reason to change my password.

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