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Comment Re:Woo hoo! (Score 2) 132

Yeah, but lets face it. While it was fun when we were young, sneaking into a farmer's cow field, avoiding the bull, the angry cows, and the angry farmer gets kinda old after a while.

Not only that, but many/most farmers in my area use the anitbiotics, etc. in feed which kills 'shroom production.

Of course, if you do get some, you can always set up some brown rice and add the spores adn grow your own in a shit free environment....

Comment Re:bullshit (Score 1) 287

Think if the states changed their laws so that individual elector votes could go to a candidate instead of the entire state based on a majority it may do better.

What is really crippling the political process in this country is that we have allowed two private organizations to obtain a stranglehold. And the only way to undo it is via legislation, which would need to be written and passed by the people who benefit from the stranglehold.

For some reason, my sig seems to be even more appropriate in this thread....

Comment Re:obligatory pay transparency (Score 1) 546

And I have the same job title as 2 of my cow-orkers but we do totally different things... some overlap, but not a lot. And since we all started at the same time, we've gotten the same raises (yay state employment with fixed percent raises... when we get them...), so we all make the same, at least in our base jobs (2 of us have second part time jobs as overload work with same employer - and we make the same in THAT spot too).

And pay transparency? Yup - got that too. Sunshine law and anyone can request a dump of name, position, and salary unless employee is in a "protected" group - law enforcement officers and spouses, prosecuting attorneys, judges and spouses, etc. Oh, and domestic violence victims. My name, job title, and current salary have been published by several newspapers in the state both in print and online.

Comment Re:Mine had 16k (Score 1) 301

My typing teacher in 8th grade, when the TRS-80 was still fairly new, thought all printers were dot matrix, and you could only get greenbar paper.

She'd assign us to type a sentence repeatedly as homework.

My daisy wheel printer used the same print heads as one of the typewriters that RS also sold.

One for loop, single feed some typing paper, and homework done.

The "check your typing speed" program was written in BASIC as well... so of course the copy I was loading was slightly modified...

Comment Re:Geany (Score 1) 239

Geany convert here. Used to use Kate/Kwrite, even on a MATE desktop, but recently icons weren't showing up for things like "save" and "close" and "open file". Even with all the KDE libs installed, they would only show up if you were using the actual KDE desktop.

Of course, on teh "down" side of Geany - it is really a light weight very configurable IDE, not just a plain text editor. Personally don't consider it a downside, but some may...

Comment Re:Are App Sizes Out of Control? (Score 2) 386

This is my big complaint with "apps". Why the hell do I need to sacrifice ANY space on my device (aside from maybe a few kb for cookies etc) to do something on my phone/tablet that I do from a browser on my desktop/laptop? Why can't I do it in the browser on the phjone?

My storage is for my mp3s, pics of my kids, my ebooks, MY stuff.

Comment Re:Sounds like they watched a few Richard Feynman (Score 1) 128

You forgot the 3rd type - "flimsy metal locking box", which is what almost every Sentry safe is.

Hint - if it doesn't have an Underwriters Lab listing, it isn't worth the $...

If you *really* need a safe (I delayed for ages due to cost, sucked it up and instead of buying another rifle I bought a safe - with UL cert - to put the rest of 'em in) check the deal at Big Box Stores - Lowes, Home Depot, Rural King, Tractor Supply.

Most of these give veterans a discount, sometimes you can catch a sale, sometimes you can get a scratched one and get $ off, etc. At the very least, 5-10% off for chargign on your store card, maybe more if you open a new store account...

I got a $1000 safe for $450. First, they were on sale for $700 with free to-store shipping. So I bought. But when I picked it up, they said that they had hit the temp foot it ships with in the bolt-down holes to keep it raised for forklifts. So I let tehm put it on my truck (took 4 folks and a forklift) and once it was in and "mine" I asked what kind of discount for torqued holes that are meant to let me bolt it to my slab... Manager brought me cash out to the truck as a refund.

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