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Comment Re:Open source always takes a backseat. (Score 4, Informative) 99

All wrong :-) It has no metal shielding because it is so well designed. We absolutely went to an EMI test lab to be able to classify it under CE and FCC regulation. Under FCC regulation, Milkymist One is a non-intential radiator and thus does not require an FCC ID. It is enough that the manufacturer verifies that it is in fact meeting the requirements of a non-intentional radiator. The entire test lab report (31 pages) is online

Comment Re:Whoop dee doo (Score 4, Informative) 99

-- disclosure: I manufacture Milkymist One -- If it's a dev kit, it's the most stunningly beautiful dev kit I know. Have you seen the pictures? Technical superiority is very hard to judge, our goal is to make it super easy to use (basically just turn on), and then allow for anybody to dive deeper and deeper into it, all the way to the free hardware acceleration in the fpga. Tutorials needs to be written, videos made, etc. I will take some time. But please accept for the 'dev kit' feedback: From day 1 of this project, we didn't want it to be a dev kit. All we care about is make very easy to use, beautiful, long lasting and fun products.

RIP, SunSolve 100

Kymermosst writes "Today marks the last day that SunSolve will be available. Oracle sent the final pre-deployment details today for the retirement of SunSolve and the transition to its replacement, My Oracle Support Release 5.2, which begins tomorrow. People who work with Sun's hardware and software have long used SunSolve as a central location for specifications, patches, and documentation."

Submission + - Copyleft Hardware Summer Roundup (

wspraul writes: Not everybody stands in line for an Android phone or an iPad, so the underground copyleft hardware movement gained some more followers over the summer. After putting a (non-Android capable!) pocket computer out in the market, the next target is a GPL licensed CPU, softcore for now. Linux 2.6.36 is already booting...

New Handheld Computer Is 100% Open Source 195

metasonix writes "While the rest of the industry has been babbling on about the iPad and imitations thereof, Qi Hardware is actually shipping a product that is completely open source and copyleft. Linux News reviews the Ben NanoNote (product page), a handheld computer apparently containing no proprietary technology. It uses a 366 MHz MIPS processor, 32MB RAM, 2 GB flash, a 320x240-pixel color display, and a Qwerty keyboard. No network is built in, though it is said to accept SD-card Wi-Fi or USB Ethernet adapters. Included is a very simple Linux OS based on the OpenWrt distro installed in Linksys routers, with Busybox GUI. It's apparently intended primarily for hardware and software hackers, not as a general-audience handheld. The price is right, though: $99."

Submission + - cheapest way to own a Debian system (

wspraul writes: In all democratic app store happiness, some kids continue to build their own, copyleft, cheap, micro computers, and now got Debian to run on what amounts to the cheapest Debian system in the world, a 99 USD micro notebook.

Submission + - Copyleft Hardware worth it? Ben NanoNote in stores

An anonymous reader writes: The folks at Qi Hardware [] have managed to ship their first copyleft hardware device, Ben NanoNote [] []. Basically an electronic dictionary turned pocket computer and running OpenWrt. Do we need copyleft hardware? A concept worth supporting or not? The NanoNote presently has no Wi-Fi, no USB Host, cannot even run Android. Any merits in copyleft hardware?

Comment Toshiba Portege 3500 w/ Lycoris Desktop available (Score 1) 158

I bought three Clevo Notebooks last year without any OS preinstalled, then installed Debian Linux myself. The machines work fine. I also have several Sony C1 and a Sony U1, all with Debian Linux (my currently preferred distribution). However, every time, it's at least a few days of work and searching the web.
Just a few days ago, I noticed this offer from Lycoris/Toshiba:

Sounds interesting. It's a nice Toshiba Portege 3500 with Linux preinstalled. I hope Lycoris has all/most drivers etc. as GPL, especially the modem, graphics card, wifi, touchpad.
Any comments about this offer? Lycoris Desktop L/X?

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