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Comment Re:Adjective of Venus (Score 5, Informative) 125

As far as I know we say Martian because of the Latin Martis (which is the genitive case of the noun; Mars is the nominative). By the same rule Veneris is the genitive of Venus.

Looking on I see that Venerian was the older form of the word but has been displaced by Venusian. A pity.

Comment Nobody knows yet (Score 3, Informative) 165

While Brexit means London soon won't have access to the EU's open market across the continent,

Nobody knows yet whether this will turn out to be true. The negotiators may be able to cook up some deal that keeps the UK within the single market but outside the European Union (broadly as happens for Norway). On the other hand, a complete break is also a possibility.

Comment Re:Sadly needed (Score 2) 119

If Microsoft bothered to distinguish between 'opening' a file and 'running' a program - and double-click would only open, not run - then at least part of the problem would be fixed. But since the earliest days of Windows, the same verb 'Open' has been used for both operations. We can't blame users if they have been trained that double-clicking is the standard way to open a file (surely a safe operation in any sanely written system) but then the OS turns it into the much more dangerous operation of running a program.

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