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Comment Be careful about leaks of your password database (Score 1) 415

My personal choice:

1. Use password manager (I use KeePass, but other ones are no worse).
2. NEVER-NEVER-NEVER let your encrypted passwords database leak to server you don't own, like DrobBox, Google Drive and so on. Only direct rsync/scp from one machine you own to another one.
3. If you need to access some account from the machine you don't trust completely (such as your girlfriend computer - you may ultimately trust her good intention but be not so sure about her sysadmin skills), don't plug USB drive with your password database in. Open password manager on your phone or tablet look up the password you need and type it in untrusted computer by hand.

Comment Re: Trade union fighting for survival (Score 3, Insightful) 723

Basic income is automation itself. It cuts lots of jobs. With current welfare you'll need a lot of clerks to evaluate conditions of those who apply for welfare and make a decisions. And even if those who apply are too poor to bribe officials, these officials can exersize power over them and feel theirselves significant.

With basic income you' ll need only one computer which would send checks around based on census data.

Comment Re:What in the blue hell are you talking about (Score 1) 834

Now businesses would just move their offices do Bangalore, Lugansk or some other places, where these immigrants come from.
If they would be working on their native land it would be much harder to Americans to compete, due to lower standards of living in these places.
Nobody would work as programmer for $1500/month in USA because one have to pay for housing, for car and for food in supermarket.

But somewhere in Russian countryside, not to mention India, people with university degree would be happy to accept this wage. Because their neighbours don't get even $1000/month.

Comment Re:Blocked by... government bla bla bla (Score 1) 68

> How is the circumvention process moving along? Is LinkedIn even trying?

They do. As a Russian LinkedIn user I've got letter from them today where they state that they are working with Russian authorities to resolve this problem, but meanwhile I'll be able to get updates via E-Mail. Because law doesn't require providers to block E-Mail.

Here is text of the mail:


As you may have already learned, the government of the Russian Federation decided to block LinkedIn in Russia because we do not store the personal data of Russian members on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We are disappointed with this decision, which interferes with professional networking and the pursuit of economic opportunity for many of our Russia-based members. Additionally, we believe we are in compliance with all applicable laws, and we are currently evaluating the decision and our options. We expressed to Roskomnadzor, the relevant government agency, our interest in meeting to discuss their localization request directly.

Depending on how this decision is implemented, many of our services may no longer be accessible within Russia for some time. However, you could still access LinkedIn from outside of Russia. You can also still be found and contacted by others for career opportunities, receive relevant content over email, and other benefits. Therefore, we will keep your account open unless you tell us to close it.

If you purchased a paid LinkedIn service and can no longer access that service because of the government block, please let us know via email at and we will make a prorated refund available to you.

Thank you,

LinkedIn Trust & Safety

Comment It will. but... (Score 1) 412

Obviously next four (or eight) years would bring more surveillance to US. But it is not a Trump's fault. If i Clinton would win elections, it would be the same.

It' s just technical progress gives more opportunities to powers to make surveillance more widespread, and they would use these opportunities. In the US, in the EU, in the Russia etc, etc.

Comment So, what's a problem? (Score 1) 157

It seems that all astronauts who died from hearth problem, have enough time after spaceflight to rise children. So, small rise of probability of heart attack doesn't prevent creation of successful colony.

Remember, how much chances have first British colonists in the North America to survive just a first winter.

As far as I remember, people in British East-India company have about 90% chances of dying from tropical fevers and cholera before returning to England. This haven't prevented Britain to rule India for two centuries.

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