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Comment Re:There is at least hope. (Score 1) 183

Religion was invoked as a singular example, don't try to re-frame the argument.

Who tried to reframe the argument here, Mr. AC? While the quote you offer is insightful you certainly could have leaned on that instead of involving religion because it would have taken it out of the equation early on. Don't blame me that you had to lean on religion and the fact of what you cited of mine still stands as relevant. It, in no way, tried to divert attention from the general notion of what was being said.

Comment Re:There is at least hope. (Score 3, Interesting) 183

That's the thing about Tyson and just about every public scientist out there today, they're not inclusive like Sagan was. That's what made Sagan great and even gave the naysayers a reason to lend an ear. He opened himself up to the "what ifs" of the world and didn't shout people down for their own way of being as long as it wasn't harmful to others.

We need a feeling of unity more than anything else at this place in time for humanity's sake. I just don't see Tyson doing that although he may be the most qualified to do so. We really do need another Sagan.

Comment Re:What could go wrong? (Score 2) 341

an iPhone is just stripped and just the screen sold, that is at least a couple C-notes right there

What? You can get good ones with a warranty from Amazon for 60-90 USD.

Not to say that people won't steal them to part them out but I think you need to go and see what the parts are really worth. Samsung Galaxy screens are worth a bit more but they're OEM whereas the Apple replacements seem to be knock offs. Either way, you're still getting a warranty out of either purchase but you still need to do the job yourself.

Comment Re:Slashdot death rattle (Score 2) 250

An excellent question. This could be the foot-in-the-door some motivated young webdevs are looking for. I'm open to new sites that are willing to take on the feel of the Slashdot community without any of the mind numbingly stupid looks of beta.

I hope these people who are interested in taking up the reigns and perhaps becoming a voice for the science and tech enthusiasts will step forward with URLs and ideas that are being waylaid by Dice.

This is an opportunity that is looking for a taker. The time is now.

Comment Slashdot death rattle (Score 4, Insightful) 250

The Beta will mark an end to some of the most informative and most insightful users from their daily input on Slashdot. Many have voiced disgust but Dice has decided to be tight lipped and head strong in the face of civil disruption.

If you want a progressive and forward thinking Slashdot you must voice your opinion on the matter now. Dice is moving to what will certainly be a call for exodus.

Why would Dice buy Slashdot only to destroy it?

Comment Re:Forget the music. Use the Slashdot Beta! (Score -1, Flamebait) 271

I'm tired of scrolling through pages of Beta nagging and filtering actual comments from all the bitching.

Can we get over it already? The nagging is not that bad. If you don't like it, there are other sites you can go to. Or, less talk more action, GTFO. I'm tired of scrolling through pages of whiner nagging and filtering actual comments from all the bitching's bitching.

Comment Forget the music. Use the Slashdot Beta! (Score 5, Insightful) 271

It'll drive people out of their minds and since Slashdot won't have any users it will be easy to access.

On a more serious note, I see Skinny Puppy's billing of the government to be a sign that they condone the use of their music in such a way. I know that's not true but a C&D letter would have been a much better political statement.

Still, boycott the Beta. Fight Dice.

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