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Comment Step one: install the apps on windows machines. (Score 1) 497

Right from the start you should be able to install all the cross platform apps you are thinking about on all university PCs. This allows people to use them and give feedback. You will most likely need to create faqs on how to save in cross compatible formats. Let the students decide if they can use the non-windows apps. Definitely find out if teachers are teaching with an app, since if they are you will probably lose no matter what. Since they won't want to alter there course to teach open source(plus what would be the point since schools should be teaching what is used in industry, not what saves money). Teaching OO over Word isn't going to help the student much when they get jobs.

Comment Limit include multiple instances of same program? (Score 1) 842

If the limit does not include multiple instances of the same program, this OS could be usable(but barely). The question is what are people going to have as a minimum? Most likely an IM program and a web browser. That means people are really limited to one additional app. Will flash count as an additional app, java, toolbars, download managers, etc? If any of those things count, this is probably a two app system, if not one. If Microsoft is going to give exemption to virus scanners, they are probably going to be sued by other app makers who make apps that run as background helper applications. I don't think google is going to like the fact that their desktop search is going to be an app counted against the limit. Plus manufacturers will not be able to load these things up with promotional software. I just don't see this version ending well in the courts because Microsoft is choosing which apps get to be exempt to the limit.

Comment Re:Repeat after me... (Score 1) 241

The problem is that current software patents don't involve labor or unique ideas. It's not really a technology to look at the fact that windows needs activation and write a patent that covers pre-activation. The patent contains no "technology" or invested "labor hours" that reduces Microsoft's development time in creating their own pre-activation method. Software patents are just general ideas without a method. Such as writing on a piece of paper "device used to communicate via sound across long distances" without any example of a device. Then claiming you own telephones, cellphones, modems, cds, cassette tapes, records, loudspeakers, radio, tv, etc. Without developing anything that helped make any of that work.

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