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Comment dafuq? (Score 1) 191

I'm sure dispatch systems are a different animal entirely, but long ago I worked at a place with a centralized walkie-talkie repeater; it had two units and rotated which was master every 12-24 hours so the backup was always tested. It was a Motorola system.

Comment Re:news for nerds (Score 1) 413

If even 1/10 of that number (much less %) got out on the streets in the USA, there'd be dozens of /. posts as it impacted the largest block of slashdotters on a daily basis.

Hell, SOPA was killed by people raging on Twitter. U.S. elected officials would change their religion if people actually took to the streets in droves.

Comment Re:Not a Technology Problem (Score 1) 284

But management is usually gauged, by their superiors or the board of directors, on results. A major production outage is not a good result. This can be used as leverage to get the process changed, if one has the guts to pursue it.

If anyone respects one's opinion, sure. I have yet to be in a position where upper management would consider my assessment, but I have almost exclusively worked for large companies. On the other hand, while the companies I've worked for have done some boneheaded stuff there was usually a business reason behind it, and I have not seen catastrophic business failures such as the OP describes.

I was going for brevity and could claim that management that takes effective corrective action doesn't fall under "stupid", but my impression of the OP's description is that they will continue to rely on the vendor to maintain the industrial equipment after a stern-but-toothless warning not to mess it up again. In any case, the OP's attempt to mitigate management mandates and vendor incompetence are not constructive and will introduce unneeded complexity that could cause other unanticipated failures or political turf wars he's predetermined to lose.

On the other hand, it could be worth the gutsy fight if he's ready to leave/lose his job and see if he can improve the company before giving up on it.

Comment Not a Technology Problem (Score 1) 284

You said they need remote access and botched the upgrade. There is no technological solution for this. If your management insists an incompetent vendor have such access and thinks you can do something about this result then the solution is to find another job. If you aren't being told to fix it, realize that it's not your problem.

You can't fix stupid; you either have to accept it or escape it.

Comment Re:Sucks (Score 1) 118

with Google there really only is two states of a service, runaway hit or dying.

You forgot the third: Google+

I suspect at least some of the dying services will somehow resurface as a new G+ feature.

Comment Re:Capital One - not in my wallet! (Score 2) 112

Have to give props to AMEX here. While traveling for a living I apparently got my card skimmed shortly before a flight home Friday. They called me at my connecting airport, we discussed which charges were mine and which weren't. They canceled my card and had a replacement card ready to pick up within a few miles of my house on Saturday so when I flew out Sunday night I had my new card for the rent car and hotel. (It was a corporate card; I don't know if that makes a difference.) I was briefly concerned when the fraudulent charges showed up on my balance on the website, but they took them off again before I started getting antsy about the fraudulent-claim window.

I suppose it might have helped my case that my travel was on the East coast, I live in TX and the fraudulent charges were in CA.

(And btw...traveling for a living sucks!)

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