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Comment Re:He IS offering evidence (Score 1) 431

Rogers (Republican, chair of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) and Rupersberger (democrat, member of same) have made such claims publicly.
You need to keep your facts straight if you want them to go to prison. Just because nobody took the assertions seriously doesn't mean they didn't say such a thing.

Comment Re:Not internet (Score 1) 99

Further, social networks all have a backlog where previous posts can be viewed (particularly true with FB), thus a person still "transmits" a given piece of information indefinitely as other people view their wall going back far in time. Thus it is always possible for a "dark corner" of the "internet" to always catch up by seeing a piece of information in that way instead of only real-time.

You're so funny. Just try going back a week on facebook. I'll wait while you restart your browser a few times, waiting for the thrashing to stop. Oh, just pull the plug, it'll be faster.

Endless scrolling - the penultimate "fuck you" to a web page viewer. Tumblr does it too,* making a walk down memory lane potentially depend upon how much RAM you have.

* some users disable it, but it is the default that most go with.

Comment Re:Outrage doesn't do shit (Score 1, Insightful) 610

Your nation already looks destroyed. Despite rampant criminality and indiscipline in the administration, the DoJ is deliberately remaining toothless on the matter, the judiciary is issuing no orders to rectify its oversight being ignored, and the legislators are largely following sponsor^Wparty lines instead of constituent wishes when drafting and voting on legislation. A revolution at this point could only create a nation.

Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

Yet we have growing economic uncertainty and a shrinking middle class coincident with a period of unprecedented per capita productive capacity. Why is this so? The sound-bite answer is "concentration of wealth". The complete answer is incredibly complex [ snip ]

I disagree. The complete answer is, entrenched Capitalists want it that way. People who have concentrated wealth shall support any policy that maintains inequality, AND be able to put their money where their mouth is. Confusion arises only because they never openly mouth their actual motivations.

Comment Re:Every redesign has haters... (Score 1) 1191

Absolutely true, but in this case each thing hated is backed up by at least one cogent post outlining the nature of the redesign's basic UI failures. Making content harder to discern (indenting of threads is de minimis) was what caught my eye. At first, I believed they'd thrown away threading.
Fixed-width text areas? That was a face palm in the 90s. This feels like a college course test - "Fix this website where the developers committed each of the ten fatal web design mistakes we discussed in class.
I've tried to find something to like about it, but there's nothing there.

Comment Wasted Effort (Score 1) 1191

Don't fucking lie to us. There is no way we believe the UI fail that this beta is was "shaped by feedback from community members". The comment system may not be enough to keep us if you keep on in this direction. Did you fire all your competent UI people and hire their grandchildren?

Comment Re:The more moderated, the less honest (Score 1) 276

I don't feel like being restricted from speaking my mind just because I tried to mod up someone's post.

Just because it seems odd to you doesn't mean there's no sense to it, or even that you can't have a useful system with such a feature. Analogy: here in Canada, people who serve on a jury are normally explicitly forbidden discussing their deliberations (outside of the jury room), ever. See Section 6.2.

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