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Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 128

No, they'd be something akin to a wiretap warrant issued by (mostly) just judges following (mostly) just laws.

They do have significant terror issues and want to be able to do these intercepts...

The problem is their track record on human rights. Being ruled by just laws is a human right. It's upto Moxie. But have you considered the implications of moxie revealing this man's name. Think about it Mr. ..? Mr. Anonymous Coward.

And btw, your govt. is *able* to intercept communications. Including this. But I think you mean intercept all comms

Comment Re:He's right (Score 2) 128

Actually, let me reverse my own comment... (having read up on Saudi Arabia's human right's record).

The issue is the Saudi's can target terror with these MITM tools -- true. But they also have a track record targeting basic human rights (free press, faith).

Moxie is well within his rights turning down the job. However, its best he did not reveal the name of the Saudi gent (who still seems sincere).

Comment Re:350ppm (Score 2) 696

Um, we're killing off plant cover, while increasing CO2. So there IS a problem.

HOWEVER, I fail to see how being fixated on a single source of CO2 measurements (Mauna Loa) is helping the issue.

I was on the island which houses the Mauna Loa observatory last month. There has been a recent (since the last 2-3 years) rise in emissions from volcanoes some miles adjacent to the observatory (so much so, there is an issue with 'vog' -- volcanic smog -- on the island).

Now, I've read about techniques the observatory uses to sidestep that issue, but ...

What is the *global* (not just Mauna-Loa) CO2 average? Is it rising precipitously? How fast? Its hard to get a straight answer for these questions from Google.

Comment Re:Stop (Score 1) 185

> > Stop pushing your line of work down her throat.
> Agreed. The last thing the STEM field needs is an influx of people thinking our careers require no self-sacrifice and aptitude.

Self-sacrifice and even an 'aptitude' towards most things, can be developed by parents in the vast majority of children. E.g., the Polgar and Williams sisters.

What GP really needs is to stop pushing _his_ ideology down the parent's throat.

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