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Comment Re:Alternative media. (Score 1) 301

Yeah, 100% spot on. The typical YouTube content creator is not going to miss their monthly $12.95 Google check for 200,000 views (warning: made up numbers).

The point this really drives home is video ads are asymmetric. Youtube's harvest of 'viewer attention' is huge (to the order of billions of dollars a year in value). Only some of this benefits advertisers. Of which, Youtube earns a smaller fraction. And its content creators earn the smallest fraction of all.

The perverse outcome is this may end up making distasteful content more palatable. Only because it won't have ads running all over it. So viewers of an extremist spouting off of how the 'other' is sin, and associating with them is wrong, get an ad-free experience that makes them more receptive to such content.

To balance this effect, YouTube needs to run politically neutral 'public service announcement' ads on hot-topic content at the same frequency as ads on its other normal content. Why should only cute kitten and baby videos suffer?

Comment Putting my lawyer hat on (Score 1) 337

From US DoJ letter :
"Title II mandates that no qualified individual with a disability shall, by reason of such disability, be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of the services, programs, or activities of a public entity, or be subjected to discrimination by any such entity. "

UC Berkeley plans to remove some content that is properly closed-captioned and accessible. This is in response to the complaint about related, inaccessible content.

Legally speaking, isn't this denial of services by reason of disability? Especially if removal is so onerous it'll take months to execute?

I think UCB should step back and rethink. Take the DoJ letter for what it is -- a lawyer's note, not a judge's ruling. A hasty response to its more strident points (i.e. pay compensation to the two complainants) is likely to get UCB into more trouble, not less.

Comment Re:Now he should be shot by a native American (Score 1) 1149

Nomads absolute have a country. They share it, to be sure, but it's still their's as much as the next guy's.

From the definition: "Nomads, move periodically or cyclically, usually returning to their original location at various times."

You can't simply take over each location on their route and put up 'This is Mine!', 'Not Here', 'Go Away' signs, and still expect to be just. Unless, of course, you are fine if someone evicts you from your hotel room. Snatches the title of your holiday timeshare. Takes over the cloud services you paid for, moving the pitiful remnants of your data into a purpose-built 80386/300 MB 'reservation' (that's what the policy of Indian Removal was).

Comment iPhony (Score 1) 101

Apple just invented the floating wick candle

The Patent claim:

A chamber body [check]
is to receive therein a substance that is to be vaporized or sublimated into a vapor. [check]
A plate whose bottom face rests on the substance inside the chamber body [check]
is temperature regulated, e.g., using a heater therein, [check]
which releases heat directly above the substance that lies below. [check]
The plate slides downward as the substance is consumed [check]
by vaporization or sublimation. [check]
Other embodiments are also described and claimed.[others better check]

Comment The interpretation (Score 2) 503

...had the following to say about Windows 7: "Today, it [Windows 7] does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of IT departments [such as ours]. As early as in Windows XP, we saw that companies [such as Microsoft] should take early steps to avoid future risks or costs [such as our customers fleeing us in droves]. With Windows 10, we offer our customers [the real ones - Microsoft executives and shareholders] the highest level of security [an ongoing revenue stream] and functionality at the cutting edge.

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