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The Internet

Submission + - Are Flash Websites Dying?

An anonymous reader writes: This controversial article which has caused quite a stir in the design world discusses three compelling reasons why complete Flash websites are dying, being replaced by AJAX and PHP platforms. The article also talks about how Flash is now used more for elements on site, instead of for the backbone of the site itself. From the article "People in the design world eat Flash sites up, because from a design aspect it can produce incredible results. With that said however, from a technical and business perspective, if a website is built with Flash incorrectly it can be a nightmare, and ultimately lead to the downfall of a site. As we all know, form follows function." Read More Here

Submission + - Virgin America asking for in-flight Linux Games ?

Ageing Metalhead writes: Virgin America ( is asking for the Open Source community to contribute to their in-flight entertainment offerings.

Seats will include 110v power, USB and RJ45 (Hopefully connected to some net connection on the other end) Open source video games (and an invitation for savvy linux game developers to participate in Red)"

Virgin softening the pain for all and not just First class, the main cabin has all the toys as well.

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