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Comment Re:ïI might vote for them, but it is futile (Score 1) 363

The Swedish Pirate Party managed to get a staggering 7% of the votes in their recent elections... Do you not think with a bit of PR you've got a serious chance of actually winning elections here given how most people would rather laugh at Gordon Brown than do anything to help if he were about to be hit by a truck? Just look at how many people have been voting for the BNP recently... Have you got a contingency plan in case you end up in No.10, or is that a subject for a future Ask Slashdot? ;)

Comment Re:I'm sick of everyone saying this (Score 1) 225

It achieves the same end as say, trying to move each finger individually, in pairs, in threes, without letting the other fingers bend (particularly tricky with middle/ring fingers) which as it turns out is an incredibly useful exercise for a guitar player and is made a lot more fun with GH.

I too have been playing real guitars for some time (20 years) and have found that my skill level has sharply increased over the last year or so as I find I'm gaining strength, speed and coordination in my left little finger, which I simply couldn't be bothered to exercise enough before picking up GH/RB

Comment Re:MPC Home Cinema VLC (Score 1) 464

It's not supported very well in that nobody's bothered to make a build for my Debian Etch workstation. Etch is only 2 years old for christ's sake! Why isn't there even just a statically compiled version?

I also note the typical unqualified "all open source software is bulletproof" response. The version in Debian will neither play DVDs at all (WTF?) nor seek through many types of videos on my workstation without crashing (libmatroska::KaxCluster::GlobalTimecodeScale() const: Assertion `bTimecodeScaleIsSet' failed). You should see the problems I had with it recently under _clean_ installs of XP (refusing to play anything) and OSX (locking up the machine) too... Even when it does work (which admittedly is most of the time), it's still prone to the occasional lock-up.

Comment Re:Switching kernels for one install or? (Score 2, Informative) 425

> Does this actually work 100%? How?
No. The only reason I run Debian on my desktop instead of FreeBSD is because I need to use VMWare, which hasn't run under the Linux compat stuff since VMWare Workstation 3, but given that it *did* work once is a bit of a tribute to its completeness.

I spent several years running an extremely busy yet stable Counter-Strike server under Linux compat, which performed significantly better (lower latency, less CPU load) than when running Linux natively on the same hardware. Good times...

> what does FBSD do when I open("/proc/*") and start parsing stuff?
If you've got linprocfs in your kernel and mounted, it should work in most cases.

In general, linux compat stuff works surprisingly well unless you need a high level of kernel interaction such as modern VMWare releases. In 99% of cases It Just Works.

Comment Re:Is this....legal? (Score 1) 595

Yep, very much so, to the point where I worry about being pulled by coppers in my car because I have a breaker bar in the rear footwell. Ok so it's there because I don't want it rolling all around the boot and it's too big to fit in the toolbox I carry in the car, but it /is/ enough to be charged for possession of an offensive weapon

Thinking about it, I may resort to taking out an AA membership instead of taking the risk of falling foul of dumb laws


Submission + - Google bans AdSense banners proximity to images

Photocritic writes: "The practice of placing images above or next to adsense banners has been around for a while — the idea is to trick visitors into thinking that the Googe Ads are clickable image captions. Unsuspecting visitors click on the ads, and the webmasters make money. Now, google has officially announced that the practice is unwanted. The article includes examples."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Why Adobe is not developing Photoshop for Linux

i_dream_in_black_and writes: "Yesterday Adobe announced the availability of Photoshop CS3 Beta for Windows and Mac. Since they recently released Flash 9 Beta for Linux, I pondered the question, "Why no Photoshop CS3 for Linux?". I got my answers from Adobe developers Scott Byer and Chris Cox.

Scott wrote: "It really comes down to a cost/benefit analysis. Right now the Linux market is still small and fragmented, and the cost of developing for it is very high (I've done a Unix + X Windows version of Photoshop — remember 2.5 and 3.0 for Sun/SGI? — so I'm familiar with what it would take). There are also missing infrastructure pieces (color management, printing) that would make it a less-than-ideal experience right now."

Chris wrote: "...Linux developers and users are what's holding it back. As long as they are unwilling to pay for commercial software, unwilling to standardize the distributions and APIs, unwilling to support basic OS toolbox features (like a working window system — and anything based on X-WIndows is non-working by definition), unwilling to listen to the developers who keep telling them WHY they can't develop for Linux, etc. nothing will change. (of course, there are also problems in the OSS community that are holding things back, and that relates pretty directly to Linux)"

What insight can the slashdot crowd give to the developers at Adobe to address these issues? Is the future of the Linux desktop limited by it's own limitless customization?"

Submission + - Ten bizarre crimes committed in the name of gaming

secretsather writes: "Some people will go to great lengths to acquire the latest gaming console, including taking the law into their own hands. As you'll see from the following top 10 bizarre crimes, these criminals just don't know where to draw the line.

http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2006/12/18/te n-most-bizarre-crimes-committed-in-the-name-of-gam ing/"

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