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Comment Re:Smells like oportunity (Score 1) 5

Sounds like a project to me

It may come to that, actually. What I have that works well under Windows is SpamEater Pro, a stand-alone mail application that can download message headers from the pop server, delete them, put them back and more. It works with blacklists as well as regex, whitelist and blacklist filters. The one thing it does not do is statistical analysis, and so far that's not really a concern though it would be a nice to have.

Since it has been discontinued, there's no easy way to make it work under Wine as it requires activation. I captured the registry entries and so I can install it over and over, but that does not really help in an emulated environment where double-click on a registry file is not available.

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Journal Journal: [geek] A Tale of Two Computers 5

So I now have two computers running at home, one running Linux and one running Windows 10. The Linux machine is my “everything but email” system. The Windows system serves one single purpose – filtering my email for me.

Comment Re:You do realize (Score 1) 8

... barely anyone is still reading this, right? ;-)

At least I think so...

Yes, I know. I know the very large majority have left here. At this point I am not even sure where they went anymore. Google+ was the last known location and I just wasn't into the site. I heard rumors that Google was going to kill off G+ due to lack of popularity, but I am not sure if that was true or not. Anyway, I have a suspicion that some still lurk as I have done. If anyone chooses to comment, that's fine with me. If not, I have my entries here for safe-keeping regardless. I was never one of the "popular kids" anyway.

I never left Firefox.

I never completely abandoned it either. It was not my primary browser for a while because of performance issues I was seeing on some sites. Those issues seem to be gone now.

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Journal Journal: [geek] Ending my Relationship with the Opera Browser 8

I have been using the Opera browser for quite some time. It has worked well for me about 95% of the time and when it has not I have always had FireFox loaded so I could keep moving. That has just come to a complete end.

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Journal Journal: [geek + misc] Still Alive, Hating Windows 10 2

It has been forever since I have posted here. Well, 3+ years anyway. Slashdot has worked hard to drive away the user base, but even so I am still here, plodding along (quietly most of the time).

Comment Denial of Service? (Score 1) 11

Are you able to read the site at all or is the problem just at the login? It's possible that there is a denial of service attack somewhere in between and your IP is in a block that has been blacked out from the server or servers that permit logins. One thing you can try with your laptop - move to a different network and see if it follows you. Also, you could try going through a proxy.


Comment Playing Dirty (Score 1) 5

Some time ago, the police in a city where I used to live had a bright red classic Ford Mustang. They had a habit of pulling up to other cars at stop lights on one of the busiest roads in the area, and when the other drivers would take off in an attempt to race, the police would pull them over and ticket them. To me that's borderline dirty.

Comment You've missed very little (Score 1) 10

It's more or less a ghost town around here anymore. I still read the front page, but few people post anything of interest. The only thing keeping me here is an extreme case of apathy.

All is well with you?

Comment Re:'Grats (Score 1) 3

Well done...

Thanks. I have been cramming for weeks.

I couldn't, any more. My RH days are back in 2001...

Red Hat's definitely a different animal now, though the core should be familiar. The parts that make the exam hard are the parts that Red Hat in particular cares about but are generally not emphasized in other distros. And those parts are definitely post-2001.

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Journal Journal: [w00t] RHCSA cert 3

I took the RHCSA exam this morning, and managed to pass it on the first try.

And the villagers rejoiced.

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