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Comment Different things triggers different reactions (Score 4, Insightful) 665

To a smart person with they see the world in a particular way. So when they try to explain themselves to the public they are talking above their comprehension. This is often insulting to the other person because it sounds like you are using your vocabulary and more advanced reasoning to show that you are better then them.
Someone else with a lower intelligence, works more off of instincts, which does have the advantage of making faster decisions which are more often then not correct. However to a higher IQ person this is just ignoring factors which should be addressed. And such reactions is insulting for not listening to the rational argument.
A high IQ person leading people with low IQ often creates conflict because the low IQ people just fail to see the big picture or know to follow the more abstract steps. They want right and wrong. Not careful balance of what is going on and actions based on situations.

Comment Re: Courage! (Score 2) 257

I need to agree,
As much as I fear getting rid of net neutrality. Just running speed checks from that app could lead to a lot of false positives.
My ISP offered a feature even during the good old days of Net Neutrality where it would speed it connection by an additional 10-20mbs for about 5 minutes if a connection is using a lot of data. Then it would slow back down to the rate that I had paid for. It didn't care where I was connecting too. However it messed up speed check apps, I needed to run it once, then wait about 5 minutes to see my true speed.
Also such services could be having issue where their performance is slower. Different volume of time of days, having to take a different network path.

In short I need to agree with Apple on this product, also pinging against services for a speed test is just wasting these services bandwidth as well.

Comment Re: Toys for Thugs (Score 3, Informative) 134

I only read the headline, and I assumed it *would* be the i8. That said: the i8 is not an electric vehicle. It's a hybrid, which is electric up to 120kmh and the petrol engine kicks in for anything above that. Still decent, and I presume you can drive it as an all electric most of the time. That still makes it a hybrid.

Where I live, the police got two Teslas for police usage. The funny part is: they are not street legal, because the blue lights are aftermarket and were mounted by the police maintenance. The service that checks for road fitness refuses to give them the "ok" because that needs to be tested in a wind canal and they don't have one. So, they are scheduled to be tested abroad and to get their street legality certificate but they have been standing around unused for months.

Other brands of cars don't have this problem, because if you order a police car from them, the lights are already mounted by the manufacturer and the paperwork is ok.

Comment Re:per person (Score 3, Interesting) 164

There are a few factors.
First there is the multiply by 12 rule. Where every dollar spent, will be Multiplied by 12 benefit to the economy.

So that brings it down to 1.46 Million per person being spent. Then this is over 5 years so we get 292 thousand a year. Roughly 1/3 spent goes to benefits outside of ones salary, so that bring $194 Thousand per year on average per employee in raw salary. Which is still on the high side, and I bet Apple is calculating some other bogus numbers such as community starting businesses such as restaurants and stores to accommodate these people.

Comment Re:People are jumping to other Crypto (Score 1) 156

More like a point that it isn't affordable anymore. The Rate of mining new bit-coins gets exponentially more complex, while demand more or less had a linear increase. This creates bitcoins which are too valuable to trade, because they are growing too fast. (Like the guy who once bought a pizza for 20 bitcoins). So people are not trading them, so its value goes further up.

If bit coins price is too low, people don't want them because they are too worthless for the effort, if they are too valuable, people do not want to spend them.
For bitcoins to really replace traditional currency, its effort in mining needs to match the value of the effort.

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