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Comment I am shocked that global commerce isn't easy! (Score 4, Interesting) 105

The Globalization Genie had been opened. Trying to get it closed will not be easy.
There are some tasks that just doesn't make sense for America to do anymore. Putting workers pay and working conditions aside. It is just trying to find people willing to do that particular work. Kids today are not looking for manufacturing jobs. The manufacturing jobs in America are for higher cost items, because these jobs require people with real skills to build.

Comment Re: Three kids? (Score 4, Insightful) 446

I expect you are not willing to make some sacrifices for your family. Which I am not going to judge, you probably have the money to not have to make them, but you could find ways to save money and still live well. But people with much less income, can and should be able to survive with a family of three.

The problem is we are equating their money that they make is equal to their value to society. A lot of people who are poor are valuable to society and are worth extra support. This guy is working on feeding the Facebook employees and keeping them productive, avoiding them from getting hungry and unproductive. However normal supply and demand means that his job will pay less, as it is easy to find other people who can do his job.

There is a myth if your work hard you can make it. This is only partially true. If you work hard then you fall into a group of Hardworking people, which there is a larger demand for less of a supply of. However the Supply of Hardworking people is still large, and the demand trade-off between a hardworking person and a average one, is very elastic. So this will limit your earning potential, and not enough to have you make it. The other people at Facebook who are making the big bucks, may or may not be working as hard as the Cafeteria worker. But they have skills that are not as easily found, and there is a demand for. So they get paid more for a job that may mean less work.

However to society, feeding people may be more important to society, then that facebook developer who is finding a new way to shovel advertisements in front of our face.

Comment Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 99

Unfortunately part of the Aging process is the urge to gravitate towards people who are more like you. Where groups of people who you never gave a second thought about, begin to seem like like they are trouble, and should be afraid of.

The Boomers who were part of the biggest changes in Civil Rights are now becoming key in the reinsurance of racism, is partially because their natural instinct to gravitate towards people like them, makes the other groups seems dangerous.
For the most part this is a positive evolutionary trait. After your genes have been spread to diversify your species pass on your good traits with others who have other good traits. You go back to protect and support the group that you belong to, to insure your family will have the resources to continue.

This genetic instinct is creating racism, and other things that is negative to a wider more global society.

Comment Re:I'm glad they're doing the research. (Score 1) 99

Modern western culture has a problem with death.
We see respecting the process of death being antithetical to respecting life. As a culture we have a hard time realizing that everyone will die, including yourself. And the process of death is part of the overall process. So we try to find ways to prolong life, except for way to improve the quality of life, and offer a respectful death.
This isn't going towards an pro-euthanasia debate, but towards work to make life better.

So this research that may slow the aging process doesn't necessarily mean it will create massive increase in life spans, but a better quality of life for the given time we have, without the negative affect of aging.

Besides population control is more effective with birth control vs speeding up the death process.

Comment Re:Reduction? (Score 1) 194

Over the last 18 years decline, is partly due to the change of perception of smoking.
For the baby boomers Smoking was considered a Bad Habit, with tobacco companies backing up their "Science" that it isn't bad for you. The media had all the Adults and cool kids doing it.
For Gen Xers. The idea that smoking is bad for you started to take hold. With proof that it caused lung cancer, but the media still sold it as cool, and the thing for adults to do.
For Millennials: With laws regulating the portal of smoking, having tobacco companies held liable for smoking heal problems, the the proof of second hand smoking, and rules that prohibit a lot of indoor smoking. Smoking is becoming more of a liability, and it isn't that cool any more.

So there is a decline in smoking all together. The problem with e-Cigarettes isn't for people who are trying to quit smoking, by changing over. But the fact it is an attempt for the market to try to attract people onto a new addiction. And watching kids blowing these huge puffs of vapor makes me sick to my stomach.

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