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Comment Chrome users like flash more than others it seems (Score 1) 168

Comparing this report (which shows flash plugin usage within chrome users) to this report (which shows general flash plugin usage) - it seems only 2% of chrome users have no flash plugin compared to 3.9% across all browsers.

Depending on how you look at it, this is either a sign chrome users don't need additional help getting flash installed or that google is simply catering to their users who have a special affinity for the flash plugin - you decide.

My guess would be this is some special strategic bond between Adobe and Google to further push flash since silverlight is by far the fastest growing plugin technology - but that growth is partially tied to the growth of Windows 7 which comes with silverlight.

Comment Change Permissions on Flash Cookie Directory (Score 1) 192

A while back I got tired of everybody tracking me online so I cracked down on permanent browser storage. I ended up getting rid of all cookies on browser close and ran these commands:

rm -rf ~/.macromedia/Flash_Player/*
rm -rf ~/.adobe/Flash_Player/*

With sudo:
chown -R root.root /home/user/.macromedia /home/user/.adobe/Flash_Player/
chmod -R 0600 /home/user/.macromedia /home/user/.adobe/Flash_Player/

The flash cookie problem was solved and I have not noticed anything has changed. Of course, I don't really see much flash other than flash ads - so it might break some things I am unaware of.

On windows the same directories are stored elsewhere - but the same overall technique should work fine I would think.

Submission + - x86-64 Market Share Hits 10% in December

caffeinejolt writes: In the last 6 months, end-users (i.e. not servers) have been making the switch to x86-64 OSes in large numbers. Growth was strongest in Mac (release of Snow Leopard), but also strong for Linux and Windows. So basically, the number of users who need 4GB or more of RAM has more than doubled in the past 6 months — an interesting trend considering all the recent talk of moving to the cloud, thin clients (i.e. chrome os), netbooks, etc.

Comment Depends who you ask... (Score 1) 514

According to, Bing has around 4% market share. However, it should be noted that they measure traffic driven to actual sites as a result of using search engines for their metrics. So if we assume both ComScore and StatOwl are correct in their reported data. Then around 6% of the new Bing traffic can't seem to find what they are looking for with Bing.

Submission + - Internet Explorer 6 Will Not Die (

caffeinejolt writes: Despite all the hype surrounding new browsers being released pushing the limits of what can be done on the Web, Firefox 3 has only this past month overtaken IE6. Furthermore, if you take the previous report and snap on the Corporate America filter, IE6 rules the roost and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. Sorry web developers, for those of you who thought the ugly hacks would soon be over, it appears they will linger on for quite a bit — especially if you develop for business sites.

Submission + - Hotmail Outage (

caffeinejolt writes: According to customer complaints filed on the Hotmail page of, it appears that Hotmail had a service outage yesterday lasting approximately 1.75 hours. Some customers reported the reason issued by Hotmail was a power outage. It seems only fair since the Gmail outage in Februrary was reported on Slashdot, that Hotmail get its fair mention as well. Judging from the Hotmail customer comments on, I can only imagine what the Hotmail phone support personnel had to go through yesterday.

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