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Comment Nobody complains about spam filters! (Score 1) 67

When you enable spam filtering in Google, the spam filter "reads all your email" in exactly the same way the "invasive" practice from this lawsuit does. It just does it to serve Google and not the user. You have no privacy on the Internet unless you encrypt your traffic, and not even then if the NSA has their way. Until people get that, they should assume that people are "reading" their messages.

Comment Re:GCHQ: "Hey guys.. DDoS attacks are illegal!" (Score 1) 133

I understand your point to some extent, but governments have the power to imprison people they deem to be a hazard. A private citizen cannot imprison another citizen. The government does have special privileges. I do agree these researchers broke the law though, just like a sheriff who arrests someone unreasonably. The question is how bad an infraction it was.

Comment Re:Was it justified (Score 4, Insightful) 372

The thing is, the problem they are trying to fix is one they created purely out of a spiteful desire on Mr. Jobs' part to poke a finger in Googles' eye. It backfired and Apple looks foolish. I guess I have to say here that I love Apple but chasing Google Maps off the iPhone has to be one of the all time stupidest things they ever did.

Comment Re:Cap and Trade solves everything! (Score 1) 623

There will be all sorts of methods, some that work, some that are insane and don't work, but I appreciate California trying to tackle the problem. With hard work, the California example will help mitigate the problem and raise understanding of how to make it work.

If you think the scumbags in Sacramento gives a rat's ass about anything but their own interests you are deluded to the point of mental retardation

Now that's a misanthropic model of human nature. Probably says more about you then anything else ;)

It's possible that both of you are right: politicians in Sacramento are self-serving power grabbers, AND global climate change is real and occurring right now and action is needed.

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