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Submission + - Microsoft Windows PowerShell update ( 1

Marco Shaw writes: "Microsoft just released a Windows PowerShell 2.0 CTP (Community Technology Preview) which provides insight into what is being worked on for the next release of their next-generation command line shell and scripting language. Three of the major new features are: *Compatibility with PowerShell 1.0 *PowerShell Remoting *Background Jobs To read more:"

Submission + - Spammers Enlist the Aid of Virtual Strippers

Tha_Big_Guy23 writes: Spammers have a new way around captchas: A virtual stripper who is paid when you fork them over. The BBC is reporting that a Windows game shows a woman in "a state of undress" when a person correctly types in a Captcha. In the game, a woman named Melissa invites victims to decipher the text. After a bunch of Captchas you get your payoff and the malicious program gets its way around the Captcha system.

Submission + - Recycle Waste CPU Wafers into Solar Panels (

Luyseyal writes: "IBM has developed a process for scrubbing the data clean from waste silicon wafers, allowing the otherwise highly secret waste to be sold. The silicon quality usually necessary for solar production is very high and the cost of solar panels reflects it. Recycling this waste should help bring down the cost in the long run and add a new profit vector for chip manufacturers."

Submission + - Holes in the Mac OS X Leopard firewall (

juct writes: "If you specify "Block all Incoming connections" in a firewall you expect, that it does simply that: deny access to all services. As heise Security reports Leopard's firewall does not. Even when connected to the internet, they were able to access the time server running on a MacBook. In a LAN based scenario the Netbios Naming Service was acessible despite of the Firewall settings. If you choose the more flexible Option to "Set access for specific services and applications" it was possible to start a simple backdoor with netcat that could be accessed from the Internet."

Submission + - OSI gives thumbs-up to 2 Microsoft licenses (

OSSes Ass writes: The Open Source initiative has officially approved two Microsoft Shared Source licenses, Microsoft Community (Ms-CL) and Microsoft Permissive (Ms-PL). Ars notes that this was not a surprising decision, given FSF Europe's support, but that significant roadblocks remain for Microsoft in the OSS arena. 'Although OSI validation of Microsoft's licenses is a very big win for Microsoft and the open-source software community, this victory is overshadowed by Microsoft's aggressive attitude towards open-source software. Certain vocal factions of the OSS community will express extreme distrust for Microsoft's open-source licenses, which will make it difficult for the company to build a bridge with the broader OSS community.'
Operating Systems

Submission + - 64-bit: More than just the RAM

An anonymous reader writes: In recent times, a lot of people have slagged off 64-bit operating systems, saying the only true benefit is addressing a true 4GB of RAM. Bit-tech decided to cut through the BS to look at the real pros and cons of a 64-bit OS environment. From the article: "Time and time again, self-proclaimed gurus determine that the only real difference between 32-bit computing and 64-bit computing is the memory limit. Are they right that RAM is a reason? Definitely — but that's missing about 99 percent of the true differences."

Submission + - SCO Layoffs Begin 2

StevisF writes: ... SCO Group Inc. says it is planning to lay off 16 of its 123 employees and has asked a federal bankruptcy court to keep their identities secret because it fears they could be harassed.

Submission + - Intel to release three killer motherboards!

crazyeyes writes: "Intel is not only going to release the BoneTrail X38 motherboard very soon, they are also going to launch the next-gen X48 chipset and the BoneTrail 2 motherboard just 10 weeks after the BoneTrail X38 motherboard's launch!

Intel is also going to launch the SkullTrail super-motherboard soon. This motherboard will support two quad-core CPUs and multiple graphics cards. But there will only be 2000 units and each will cost over $600."

Submission + - Verizon gave up its subscribers' information (

87C751 writes: "According to this article in the Washington Post (warning: subscription link), Verizon has given up subscriber information "hundreds of times" since 2005 without a court order. The company says it "does not determine the requests' legality or necessity because to do so would slow efforts to save lives in criminal investigations." AT&T apparently made similar disclosures, though the numbers weren't disclosed."

Submission + - Open Source Hardware (

eldavojohn writes: "Hardware has been pretty proprietary since it became programmable. Now, the MIT Review is discussing a startup that will enable users to design their own electronics and develop code for each of the hardware modules. Is there a viable market for this or is it merely a toy to occupy an engineer for a weekend?"

Submission + - Russian mob doesn't like spam either. (

wattrlz writes: "Apparently the current champion of v1*gr4 spamming solicitted some of the wrong email boxes. Alexy Tolstokozhev was recently found murdered in his palacial spam-bought estate near Moscow. The implications of this hands on method of system administration are staggering."

Submission + - In Case of Death, Disclose Passwords

cdoggyd writes: Last year, a man, who kept his address book strictly online, died without telling anyone his passwords. This caused problems for his daughter when she tried to notify his contacts. I remember discussion of a "death clock" system that required user interaction at specific intervals to prevent it from disclosing information like passwords. This would have solved the problem for Mr. Talcott's daughter. Does anyone have the actual name and additional information on this system?

Submission + - Sonic the Hedgehog Confirmed for Wii Smash Bros.

PlatyPaul writes: "It's confirmed: Sonic the Hedgehog will be appearing as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Joystiq has the summary, while IGN has a rundown of the press release and the Sonic trailer (also found here, via YouTube). While Sonic's inclusion was a rumor for previous Smash Bros. games, it seems that Nintendo has finally made it happen."

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