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Journal Journal: Moderation VIII 2

Damn. I've left the same four Mozilla windows (with the same 20-30 tabs) open for the last five days, making my life a bit easier in the "login please" department.

But I still got mod points. I haven't visited the front page since Thursday or Friday, and I didn't even notice the moderation menus at first, but I "hopped on over to help out" on Friday afternoon, so maybe that was it (sorry, Sam ;). Maybe you have to just not want to moderate.

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion or two, please lemmeno, because after this JE, I'm going to bed.

I'll be spending too much time today & tomorrow working, so please feel free to suggest ideas for moderation. Even shameless self-promotion will be considered.


I'll be leaving soon. Bet the mod points expire.

Yep. They did.

Journal Journal: I'm beginning to see. 11


A user has moderated your comment "Overrated" (-1).
Re:City sized?

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City-Sized Asteroid to Pass Earth This Fall

It is currently scored Normal (0).


A user has moderated your comment "Overrated" (-1).
damn, too late

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Title of the one John Denver song everyone knows

It is currently scored Normal (0).


Moderation 100% Overrated

It's good to know that mods are so productive with their time. I say, "thanks; you're right," and my comment is unworthy of its inherent one-point score. Maybe it'd have done better if I'd change "thanks" to "bullshit, you're still wrong, and even though you're right, I'm going to argue. Plus Linux sux next to l33t Bill."

Some veteran slashdotters who've been around since the early days say /. really sucks now. I used to wonder, what makes them so cynical? It's getting easier to see. Maybe I'm lucky that I never knew /. before all the lamers, trolls, dickweeds, and asshats came.

I suppose I should be flattered that I have a "fan," but it's still somewhat irritating. Although I'm encouraged by the knowledge that someone with no life whatsoever has found a cause in following me around, giving me 40% of their points on comments that are completely inconsequential, and that smugs me up a bit. ;)

Update: 12 May

A user has moderated your comment "Underrated" (+1).
damn, too late

Attached to:
Title of the one John Denver song everyone knows

It is currently scored Normal (1).

Thank you, whoever. You're sweet. My comment wasn't worth it, but you're sweet.

Journal Journal: Friends III 5

Just one today, because I've already read way too much /. for the amount of work I have yet to finish, but I found a link here to this journal entry and only read half of it before adding him to my friends list. Then, after reading the other half, I found three of my favorite friends in the comments for his JE.

Heh. I found TheConfusedOne in a friend's journal. His .sig is
"I wish I could hear the soundtrack to my life. That way I'd know when to duck."

While I agreed with this post in the respect that it's a bit extraneous to wear an "honor student" tag on your car, david reese's reply to it landed him in my friends list.

LookSharp. The comment is quite funny. His .sig: "There's a big difference between being mean-spirited because it's funny, and being mean-spirited because you're an ASS."


Journal Journal: WinXP is an improvement, really. 5

This is from an email I sent my Dad today. I'm really just ranting more than anything.

He's not as e-savvy as the average /. reader, but but it was much easier to write this disclaimer than it would have been to edit any of the over-explained content. (Update - 26 April: He told me once that he preferred Windows to UNIX, and I disagreed with his reasons then, but I really disagree now, so I had to whine to him again about it.) Feel free to ignore any or all of it (this entire JE); Dad did.


Just now, I flashed back to a conversation you and I had about four years ago, when I was first learning to get around in UNIX. I can't recall the first of the conversation--maybe when I was sending you forged emails?--but I remember being surprised that you didn't know much UNIX, and I asked you why. You mentioned that UNIX isn't secure and it's not intuitive. This mail isn't directly about security, so I'll save it for another time after mentioning one thing:

A month or two ago, Microsoft's PR department announced that no security holes are ever found in their operating systems until patches are released for the holes found by the Microsoft Developing Team. They're basically claiming that their software is so rock-solid, that only the developers who have created the code can find flaws in it until they announce to the world where the holes are and please fix them on your own boxes. If that's true, then why have so many Internet worms worked so well? Each one that has made headlines attacked holes in MS stuff, and nearly all hit Outlook specifically. Microsoft claims that the only compromised systems have been those whose administrators are slow to apply patches and updates. Bah. There are weaknesses in every OS, but to that, I just say bah.

Back to today's subject matter, I'll admit that there are some UNIX commands that don't really seem like they were named well, but I've got to interject--is that possible when the conversation's as old as this?--with three recent concerns of mine.


I'm pretty sure you've seen the new machine I have upstairs. When I built it, I finally broke down and begrudgingly installed Microjunk's latest Oblivious System (c), "WinBlowsXP Professional." Since they say XP is built on NT "technology," and since they also tout XP as the latest and greatest, I would assume that WindowsXP "PROFESSIONAL" would inherit many similarities from both previous OSes, which were allegedly designed with the needs of the business world in mind. The aspect I'm thinking about right now is the option allowing you to lock the screen, denying access while you're away from your desk. It's a horrible security risk for a systems administrator with global privileges on domains or even just servers to leave his system (and its accompanying credentials) unattended. I never saw Joe--the Network Architect you met the day we picked up those cubicles--leave his office without locking his door, at least not until we were closing down the building. An operating system with the word "professional" in the title should be conscious of matters like this.

A few nights ago, to stop a certain 18-month-old from thwarting my work efforts (Mouse! random typing, Moon! random dangerous typing, MOUSE!) while I take a break to eat or pee or whatever, I spent 15 minutes researching how to persuade XP to allow me to lock my screen. In NT or Win2k all you have to do is hit <CTRL-ALT-DEL> and then <ENTER>, so I was miffed when that didn't even bring up the option, let alone it be the default. The solution turned out to be--surprise!--disabling a "feature" that is inherently insecure and contradictory to the security policies that cause one to wish to lock one's screen. What I don't understand is why the two "features" couldn't be enabled simultaneously, but that's a question for a coder, and I'll probably never care enough to ask. However, I'm already planning on copying this email and posting it in my journal on /. (that's slash-dot to you retired weenies, and you should read it now and then), so I may get an unsolicited answer anyway.


The Control Panel in XP is by default a list of nine items that's presumably designed to be as functional as the old list of 26. All they've done is split the old list into a collection of big, bubbly icons leading to several lists. You'll find "sound and audio devices" under "sound, speech and audio devices," but the only other item under that heading is "speech." Why is this enough for a separate category? It's not the only header leading to only two items, and some items don't show up at all unless you notice the "other control panel options" in the stupid frame to the left.

Three of these headers only lead to ONE item, and one even opens up a submenu to that one solitary item. What the hell was anyone trying to accomplish with this? In some cases, mostly people who aren't very familiar with computers, I can see why a simpler menu would be less intimidating, but this is just clumsy and time consuming. I recall vividly from 6th-grade English class that if you're building an outline and you don't have enough information for part 2, you don't add part 1; instead you incorporate it into the heading:
I. Mark Twain was born in 1835 and was really clever
1. He died in 1910
II. George Orwell etc. etc. etc...

I. Mark Twain was one clever cat.
1. Born 1835
2. Died 1910
II. George Orwell etc.

I. Mark Twain (b. 1835, d. 1910) was a clever freak.
II. George Orwell again.

...the only redeeming note is also on the left; "switch to classic view" restores the familiar list. The point of my complaint is if I know "where I want to go today," why shouldn't I be able to click once instead of two or even three times. Why does MS think it's an improvement to complicate a list by converting it into a hierarchy that has less than three times the amount of items as headers?


The first two are recent, but this last watered-down functionality of XP struck me today, and there's nothing "intuitive" about the solution. I wanted to push some files up here from downstairs, but I kept getting "incorrect password or unknown user."

Another thing about NT and 2k by default is the administrator shares on each individual drive. A WinNT or Win2k box will share the "C:\" drive as "\\hostname\c$," and all you have to do in order to hit it from elsewhere on the network is type that into the "start --> run" dialog. Then, anyone with administrator privileges on the box you're hitting can gain access to it. Simple. Hasn't changed in eight years, or whatever. Well, I couldn't connect to the filesystem, so I hit the box with VNC, which just lets me tap the display and control the box remotely.

After once again dealing with the networking setup completely different from all the other operating systems MS has released, it turns out the admin shares are disabled by default, and when I tried to enable them, it broke my connection, I couldn't reconnect, and I had to come upstairs to finish. I'm not whining about having to move my ass up 13 steps and around a few corners; I'm just pointing out how counterintuitive Winblows can be. I still haven't gotten my admin shares, and now I'm sick of messing with it, so I'll have to just PULL files to this box instead of PUSHING to it. Connecting to the Win2k box downstairs doesn't have this issue, and I had to log in to this box with the same password that wasn't working from down there. I know I'm not mistyping a passwd or something; it's just lame, and it wasted half an hour of my time. Plus even more because I felt the need to type this rant to you. ;)

There's a WinXP Home and a WinXP Professional, and I don't know the differences at all, but couldn't someone at MS have spoken up and said, "Hey, if we're gonna call this "professional," shouldn't we set some of the defaults to be useful in a professional environment?" Hell, I'm at HOME, and this is too limited for my tastes. I know things change, but they generally change for the sake of progress, not merely for making your product look more like the paraphernalia marketed to eight-year-old girls on Saturday morning, and that's the basic look of XP to me. They've expended too much effort trying to change the appearance rather than streamline functionality.

Anyway, Dad, you're all right, and I think you even gave me some good advice one time, but I started learning UNIX knowing nothing more than, "There's GOTTA be something out there better than Windows." After using MS products regularly for around nine years, Windows is still no more intuitive than anything else. At least in UNIX, if I'm spending time doing research, it's because I haven't DONE it before. Windows frequently makes me wish I was as smart as some of my geek friends on /. and I could run Linux well enough to completely abandon any use of this hellspawn from Redmond.

...not that I'm bitter.

Journal Journal: Moderation VII

After being hopelessly irresponsible with the last batch of points--I read way too much of the only discusson in which I posted that day and not enough in those in which I could moderate--I have decided to not post until I've gotten rid of these points, one way or another.

Still open to suggestions, though. Post a comment that hasn't gotten the recognition it deserved?

"Interesting, +1" by Muhammar

"Insightful, +1" by conner_bw

So I lied. So sue me. I can't remember whose sig it was, but I liked it then, and even more now:
"Being funny on /. doesn't boost Karma, but being insightful does. However, being truly funny requires insight. Funny.

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Journal Journal: 724 Days Remaining... 4

Everyone who knows me (at least in person) knows I have long hair.
Many have never known me with short hair.

Er, should I have said, "HAD long hair?"

This photo's a bit old, but you get the picture (har).

There have been times when I've wondered if I'd EVER cut my hair,
but I've finally tired of the hassle and gotten rid of it. I wanted to
put my son on my shoulders. I wanted to put him in his car seat
without it getting in my face. I wanted to drive with the window
down without having to readjust my ponytail once I arrived.

I had promised my niece she could be the one to hack it, so we
made a party of it, and we all traveled to "do the deed."


I've grown my hair long for over half my life, about 17 1/2 years
(Seventeen and a half years), so I figure that there are still
around 726 days remaining until I can no longer say that, right
around my thirty-fifth birthday.

Everyone asks if it feels different. Not really. I've kept it
tied back for so long now, it's very, VERY rare that I leave it
down. For the past couple years, I even have it tied back onstage,
which for the previous couple years was the only time it was down.
The first shower was a little different. I thought about shampoo
usage before wasting any, but I still used too much. Heh. The
bottle that would last me a month will now last five or more.
Getting OUT of the shower was when I really noticed a difference;
wet hair is noticibly heavier than dry.

The biggest differences:

  • I now have "bed head" again. For ten years, I just tie it back
    as soon as I get out of bed. Lame, I forgot about this part.
  • I now won't know which weenies to avoid because they're judging
    me by my long hair (I don't want or need their respect).
  • I enjoy driving with the window down more than before.
  • Showers are quicker.
  • It's not as hot.
  • Best of all, I can put my boy on my shoulders any time I want.

The severed ponytail has been sent to Locks of Love,
thanks to the urging of my cousin, who's already donated twice.

Do I miss it? Yeah, a little, but those moments are fleeting,
and they're getting less frequent as well.

I wish I had a better way to close this, but I don't. I have short
hair now. Neener neener.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: WOOHOO! 7

I had no time today to check /. at all, hope I don't lose those mod points before using them, but I won't be able to try for another 18 hours.

That aside, I must gloat, because I have a "fan" who's willing to devote nearly all of his mod points to me, and using a variety of "-1" flavors, to boot. One possible could be princewally, who today doubled my "freaks" population.

That, or I've recently pissed off an editor. Probably with this comment here, in which I should've clarified that the only reason to care about karma is that your posts are seen by more people, and what's the point of posting if no one's going to read it? Anyway, the reason I suspect my above statement came in the mail:


A user has moderated your comment "Offtopic" (-1).
Re:/. the bastards!

Attached to:
Stop! Website Thief!

It is currently scored Offtopic (0).


A user has moderated your comment "Troll" (-1).
Ummmm, you're welcome?

Attached to:
Stop! Website Thief!

It is currently scored Troll (0).


A user has moderated your comment "Redundant" (-1).
Re:/. the bastards!

Attached to:
Stop! Website Thief!

It is currently scored Redundant (0).


A user has moderated your comment "Overrated" (-1).
/. the bastards!

Attached to:
Stop! Website Thief!

It is currently scored Informative (4).


PS: Does anyone know (I'm not a coder, so I couldn't download Slashcode and figure it out anyway) why URLS pasted into comments--and apparently journal entries--get chopped towards the end? Is it just long words in general?

PS:Doesanyoneknow(I'mnotacoder,soIcouldn'tdownload Slashcodeandfigureitoutanyway)whyURLSpastedintocomments--and apparentlyjournalentries--getchoppedtowardstheend? Isitjustlongwordsingeneral? [/experiment]

Maybe so, but I still would like to know why, if anyone out there knows.

Journal Journal: Moderation VI 2

10 March, 2004 - anyone see a good moddable post? A bad one?

If anyone ELSE has points, I've already posted in this article, but this post needs a boost for being insightful, informative, AND funny. jargoone

This one too, at least informative and insightful. pavon

btw, it's really strange going to reply in your own journal and seeing moderation menus there.

Someone give this FuzzyBad-Mofo an "Insightful" mod. MAN, I gotta stop reading once I've posted, at least until my points are gone. This is worse than "I wish I had mod points to give you."

7:15 pm, Saturday - Lost 'em. Oh well...

Journal Journal: Moderation V 2

2 March 2004 - I have points. Help me out, anyone?

BTW, in the article on the RFID tags in $20 bills, there's this quite funny comment by Channard, and I have to plug myself here, even though it's undeserving of its +5 score, because I got FP.

I also have to take this moment to bitch. I thought this comment was funny. Not only did no one with mod points find it amusing, but my reply was marked as "redundant." Not that that karma matters that much, but I'm just wondering, are this guy and I the only two people in the world that found his comment amusing?

3 March - back to the moderation

LostCluster, Interesting

turg, Insightful

Iamthefallen, Insightful - Iamthefallen is my newest friend, prompting me to wish there was a moderation for "+1, Inspiring."

mcc, Interesting. I haven't even seen the "remastered" scene but have a good idea from all the descriptions that I won't like it. The same thing that bothers mcc is what will bother me the most about it as well.

Space cowboy is now my friend.

1 point left...

I rarely mod down, but this asshole has given me the perfect opportunity to feel quite constructive about it. I chose "-1, Overrated" to minimize exposure to those who give trolls and flamebait +6 modifiers.

Turg replied to the asshole and made me realize I didn't exactly save the world, but since I had such a hard time finding modd-able posts today, oh well.

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Journal Journal: Friends II 5

This is an ideal time to start another friends JE. Since turg and his wife just had a baby, and he and I both can use some generously-given advice from johndiii, here it is. Johndiii is my newest friend.

Hrmph. I am irritated with myself, because I thought that SamTheButcher was already on my friends list. Oh well. He is now. I noticed mekkab's sig ("Do The Math!") and remembered that one of the first things I noticed about SamTheButcher was his sig ("Do The English!"), which I believe he attributed to paraphrasing the sig of one of his buddies. I'm too tired to research it now, but I'm betting it was mekkab. Anyway, they're both my friends now. Lots of humor and (loony) wit in StB's journal.

27 February, 11:15 pm - update: While friend-of-a-friend humor references are always good (it got me to blinder's journal--Thanks, SamTheButcher!), it's always coolio to find YAFGP (yet another fellow guitar player), especially one who really appreciates good tone and quality gear. I saw what tube questions is all about, and I was thinking, "Well, THIS guy's probably going to end up in my friends list," and after reading a couple paragraphs, it was a done deal. Blinder knows that a Rickenbacker is a SWEET instrument (as opposed to all the weenies who think they're weenie guitars). I've only played one, but that's all it took for me.

ObiWanKenblowme has the funniest nick I've seen in a long time. And the reply by Ohreally_Factor to this comment is so goofy it made me laugh.

Call_Me_Black_Cloud: way cool

Two really cool .sigs: IckySplat, "Think nothing is impossible? Try slamming a revolving door" and
Phrack, "Time flies like the wind... Fruit flies like bananas."

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Journal Journal: security system interface card? 10

Okay, I have a question that hopefully someone has encountered before. Google has turned up some (quite) vague and remote possibilities, but if some of my /. friends have already found a solution to this, I would be most grateful if they shared it ;)

I'm looking for an I/O card that will send an email upon "open switch/closed switch" contact. For instance:

  1. There is an alarm panel in a house on top of a mountain somewhere
  2. there is no telephone service
  3. there is no cellular service
  4. there is however a satellite connection
  5. when there is an event on the alarm panel (door entry, glassbreak, etc), it can send contact closures to an external device
  6. I need that device to trigger an email notification when it gets the closure....

Any ideas would be most appreciated, and any person providing information leading to the successful implementation of this "fix" will win:

  • A free autographed copy of Michael Jackson's upcoming album "Beat It: The Rap"
  • A walk-on part in the next episode of The Beverly Hilbillies
  • A prominent mention in my next /. journal entry

Oh yeah, and thanks.

Update: Just 30 seconds later - I suppose I could always open myself up to worldwide ridicule and submit this to "Ask Slashdot" as well.

Journal Journal: Moderation IV 2

Thursday 12 February: I just logged in to check a couple journal entries, and I found mod points waiting for me. The journals offered entertaining reading, and though I identified with much of each, I didn't feel like I had anything to contribute. I'm trying to reduce my quantity of posts by the same number of valueless posts I tend to make. ;)

Although I must extend my condolences to Oculus Habent over the borked screen...that really sucks,
and my congratulations to turg: Dude, I didn't even know you were pregnant

The mod points are a bit of a surprise, since I've been sorely lacking on my posting, which is also surprising, since most unemployed people should be able to browse MORE /., but I don't... I even lost the points I had about a month ago.

As for the point distribution, anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to bed now.

Actually, I should probably call this Friday the 13th, since it's already 1:30 am, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's been Thursday all day to me. Maybe I'll feel more productive when it's officially Friday at my house.


Update: 15 February - Okay, I'm officially lame (zed, was there a question before? -ed.). To lessen my lameness (or just weasel out of being completely lame), I'm adding a couple names to my friends list.

During a discussion about phone numbers, an AC/DC song was quoted that mentions the number 362-436, and this post by Vargasan must be read in order to appreciate this quite amusing post by Prior Restraint, which landed him in my friends list.

There are many comments in this thread--regarding the ship on which Darwin journeyed around the world--that made me laugh out loud. I'd like to mention two in particular, by buck09 and sbennett , both of which are underrated in my opinion, but at least one of them is getting credited for being funny. Another thread, starting here and continuing for maybe 20 posts (16 February, 2004 - 21:55 GMT) is loaded with chuckles for anyone suffering from crippled sense of humor such as mine. Sbennett's conversation with IshanCaspian had me chortling for several minutes. All three are my newest friends.

25 February: Life is lame lately, and I need to laugh more. That's why I appreciate this post by stienman, which has landed him in my friends list. The more I read it, the funnier it gets. It was inspired by the grandparent, posted by Hektor_Troy, a fellow Carlin fan.

Heh. Also this one by arvindn, a few posts down.

FrostedWheat, with a funny new twist on an old Microsoft complaint.

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Journal Journal: Qwest is my favorite 13

So the jackasses at Qwest lost $274 of my money (which I sent to them on the 22nd!), and as of this morning my three mobile phones are off. They had to launch a freaking "payment investigation" and everything. Six hours of my damn day wasted, and it's *still* not resolved. They can't even get this crap figured out until tomorrow.

The reason it happened: My girlfriend usually pays the phone bill (along with others) through her online bill pay feature. I know she's been doing it regularly, because I gave her $500 just last week to cover them. I've been asking Qwest to (RE)consolidate my home phone bill with my wireless phone bill for almost a year now--it was originally combined--but they haven't done any more than "sure, we'll look into why it's not...." Did I mention that a key selling point to my originally choosing qwest was a combined--and therefore simpler--bill? So, sometime this last month, they finally made it happen. They didn't tell us; they just sent a combined bill. We didn't notice.

Yeah, the bill has my home phone at the top instead of the wireless number, but in four pages of billing, this is a small detail to notice. Furthermore, the amount ($274.90) is the same amount of the WIRELESS bill alone every month since I purchased unlimited minutes in June. The phone company's billing invoices are the most convoluted I've ever seen, so--I seriously doubt I'm alone here--I look at the total, and if it's a number that "feels" reasonable, I just pay it without looking at the rest. I realize that's not the most responsible way to go about dealing with one's finances, but the phone bill is SO tedious, I generally make an exception with it. And of course, in retrospect, looking at the phone bill for five minutes seems tame compared to hours of phone calls and stress, but it shouldn't be my responsibility to ensure money my bank tells me I no longer have is sent to the correct department, when the information accompanying that money has not changed, including the account number that has worked for months. We had a sick toddler and Christmas coming up, so we cut a corner.

One phone service rep mentioned that "to me, the fact that the last bill shows home phone-related charges would be a reason" to realize that this was my consolidated bill, and I therefore should have recognized that the money should be sent to payment representing the "new" account number.

WHAT?!? I have been unsuccessfully trying for a year to get two bills merged into one; what has changed that I should suddenly assume that it has finally happened? Should I simply awake one morning and say, "I'll bet today's the day Qwest will at long last consolidate two bills that have come separately for nearly a year." If I see the same amount I always expect to pay, WHY SHOULD I ASSUME THERE'S A REASON FOR ME TO SCRUTINIZE MY BILL?!?!? I really have a hard time imagining the logic that says, "Sorry, Zedmelon, but you really should have noticed that this past bill was for both your wireless service as well as your home phone, and there is no reason to assume it was only wireless, not even the fact that this is a bill for THE SAME AMOUNT TO THE PENNY AS THE LAST FIVE MONTHLY WIRELESS BILLS."

She said she'd call me if they updated my account (meaning they had received the fax we're expecting from the bank stating, "Yes, you have this guy's money, and here's proof."). I asked, so if you'll do that, why didn't you call me when you consolidated my bills and eliminated my old billing account number? Her reply was that if Qwest made time to do that, they would have no time to answer incoming calls from customers. So does that mean that Qwest is so dedicated to horrendous service that the vast majority of Qwest customers are calling every month or so (as I have) to wait on hold for fifteen minutes for the sole purpose of accomplishing NOTHING?!?? Does it mean that it is mundane for a Qwest customer to not be billed for four months, and then have a phone bill nearly NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS (it happened earlier this year) and then get their service suspended? Damn. A minute ago, at least I felt special.

And I'm not even going to tell you that right before this, I talked to a guy named Dave for around 90 seconds, he put me on hold (hang on I'll be right back), and I finally hung up when the display on my phone had surpassed a 46:35 call duration, because that would be depressing.

So anyway, my $274 was sent to the account for my first wireless number instead of the account for my home number. And since it took Qwest a year to incorporate billing for one phone into the same Microsoft Word Document as billing for the other phone, it would be FAR too complex to do anything with that old account number except immediately disable it and indefinitely abolish any payments to the Merry Christmas Qwest Bank Account Interest Building Program until someone completes all nine copies of their "missing persons" report. Oh yeah, and let's disconnect the phone too, because fuck the customers.

I can certainly appreciate the suggestion that Qwest is billing me for a service that they provide, contingent upon my continued payment, but I'm not even 20 days past due yet. Not even the water department in my former town can top that, and they wore the Fascist Billing Crown for YEARS. Besides, I SENT THEM THE MONEY OVER A WEEK AGO!

When it's all said & done, I plan to tell them I want some heavy concessions, or they'll lose three mobiles and a land line. Just for good measure, I'll tell them I've been considering Qwest DSL too, but they're ruined their chances of winning my (customership?). Now that I can take my phone numbers with me, I'll simply find a provider who can compete. Competently.

I should have been out car shopping (did I mention I finally got a czech yesterday? Three months to the day after the accident), but I had to spend six hours playing phone tag with three different companies. After that, She had to go to work, so I was left to watch the boy. Not a good time to attempt much more phone haggling; it scares the children.

Ugh. Today was *SO* draining, and I got absolutely nothing done. I'm not sure if all the horrible scenarios that played themselves in my head today make me a freak, or if the fact that I chose not to act upon any of my deviant thoughts makes me normal. I have no idea what sort of reasoning people like Timothy McVeigh have for doing things that they do, but I'll wager good money that just as much BULLSHIT comes my way as any of them (barring permanently crippled people and cancer patients, of course). Today, I'd really love to challenge the president of Qwest to a knife fight.

Of course, I won't, since

  • It's illegal (translated: there'd only be some new cut-throat jackass with even more fascist policies up his sleeve, and in some weird twist of sick Karmic humor, billing for my account would be switched with my former employer's).
  • I'm sure there is software on the Internet that scans emails just like the government spyware that scans phone calls for words like "Hussein," "McVeigh," and "daffodil," flagging this email (this journal entry was copied from an email -- zed) as suspect and me as a terror^H^H^H^H non-patriot.
  • And the most important reason, I'm sure that the president of Qwest would have a huge body double that would sneak around the corner at the last minute, jump on my back with a 35-pound broadsword (that's not a knoife... THAT's a knoife!), and I'd never even know that the knife I had brought for the occasion would have turned out to be a recalled model until I fell upon the blade and it only scratched my arm and made it itch real bad until I lost consciousness from blood lost through all the sword wounds.

Yay, Qwest!

Hopefully, part two of this will be so uninteresting that I won't feel compelled to post it at all.

Journal Journal: moderation III 3

Wednesday, 10 September: Constantly playing "Catch Up," I'm once again getting set to fall behind. Mod points for three Wednesdays in a row. I just made the final changes to my last moderation-oriented journal entry yesterday, and I've already got more points.

That's funny, I don't actually recall giving CmdrTaco a hand job...

As usual, I'm open to suggestions.

  • I found this "+1, Insightful" post by falsification as a result of reading RobertB-DC's journal, which has helped me spend two points now in the past week. I'm not sure if I would have bothered to moderate it if someone else hadn't given it a blatant "Offtopic," but it doesn't matter. Many comments more offtopic and less constructive have been modded up. As the dad of a very charming fellow who has taught me many things about myself in the past eleven months, I'd like to offer that moderator a big FSCK YOU.

    Weird... I refreshed my page of falsification's post above, and the mod ratio remained the same, 80% Insightful, 20% Offtopic, but the score of the post went up by one.

    Also, I had to post as an AC or lose the point I gave to falsification. If anyone with mod points wants to bump it up "+1, Funny" (or even insightful), I won't mind. ;)

    Another AC reply to the same post, with a bit more thought put into it.

  • Snaller got me with a very bizarre post. "+1, Funny."
  • Wolfrider made a post which had me torn between "Funny" and "Insightful," since I actually think
    Slashdot Google Bombers is a much better potential name for a band than plenty others out there. Since "Funny" doesn't boost karma anymore, I gave him a "+1 Insightful."
  • Sure glad I didn't wait too long to use my damn mod points.

    Moderation is stupid! Slashdot is stupid! The Internet is stupid! Computers are stupid!

  • bleh. I'm stupid.

Well, according to the FAQ, moderation points are randomly assigned. Still, I've been granted moderator access for three consecutive Wednesdays. If I don't get points this Wednesday it'll be difficult to argue against the position that it's because this time I didn't utilize all of the points I was given.

Journal Journal: moderation II

I am quite surprised to have mod points today (Wednesday, 3 September), since it's only been a week.

As always, I'm open to suggestions, and I'll get back to them (the mod points ;) soon.

Update, 4 September: Since my truck had battery/alternator/ignition issues this morning, I'm working from home (a.k.a. low profile). So in between doing the things I can accomplish from home without a bunch of wankers bugging me, I should be able to be a bit more discriminatory with my points today. If not, I'm also working from home tomorrow, waiting for the lame cable guy to come bury what he said he'd bury a year ago. Mod points are on the list of pseudo-working-from-home directly under finish updating my resume.

Update, 5 September: How is it that I always manage to procrastinate to the point where I wonder if I'm going to lose mod points before I lose them all? Well, I used them all, but I should be calling this "Update, 9 September" since I'm finally putting the notes I took during moderation into coherent form.

  • As the first reply to this post by Madsci states, this post deserves "funny" and "insightful." Since it already had received a point for funny, I rated it "+1, Insightful."

  • This post struck me as interesting. It was already at a "+2, Insightful," but that didn't seem like the right label to me. Found it as a result of his post here. His sig caught my eye:
    "Help me moderate! [] Underdogs wanted!" With a link to his journal, of course.

    By the way,
    RobertB-DC: And finally, off the actual topic: let's watch the Slashdot effect in action! When I first hit the Taipei Times article, it included this text at the bottom: "This story has been viewed 1128 times."
    Thirty-five minutes later, the article had been viewed around 3220 times, and now (four days and four hours later), it has been viewed 22054 times.

  • A funny post mocking the extreme SCO Saga as it wears thin. Chris Sontag actually takes a fresh and amusing stab at it.
  • Hard Case makes a hard case, which I have judged "insightful." whether you feel it's redundant, cynical or obvious, Hard Case makes a point than needs to be made.
  • I moderated a post by Detritus as informative, although in retrospect, I probably should have rated it insightful. I also need to find out why he hates NAT so much.

RevMike has a journal entry here that I wanted to help, but each comment had already been maxed out when I got to it, so I searched until I found the entry above by Detritus.

And this AC deserves an honorable mention as funny, but there's not much point in giving props to an account who won't care.

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