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Comment Canadians, Alaskans and M4GW (Score 1) 115

.Plenty of water and improved CO2 levels mean less CO2 starvation for plants and better growing results.

I don't subscribe that the historical CO2 levels have been reported, correlated and projected accurately (e.g. Antarctic levels, cores are lower than arctic levels but not noted) nor do I buy the proposed CO2 accumulation levels, due to actual kinetic measurements of CO2 lifetime. This independent of the CO2 itself causes catastrophic warming discussion.

Comment assays, rubber chicken (Score 1) 244

A better study would report total protein and attempt to assay proteins and marker entities to distinguish from chicken vs other animal vs soy.
Of course, the analytical costs on the second part would be higher.
If the report is true, it might give new meaning and range to the phrase, "rubber chicken"

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