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Comment video lottery tickets (Score 1, Interesting) 304

Selective editing of one sided videos is a real threat to cops and anyone not protected by their own videos. The ghetto lottery has become a regular cottage industry about this kind of abuse. I have no problem with holding cops responsible for mistakes and wrong doing, but many edited video payoff demands have been clearly shown to withhold crucial information too.

I'm sure there is an invasion of privacy reflex, that of course, is misplaced.

I found it very interesting in the primaries someone tried to do this to Trump and his campaign had extensive videos, derailing an attempt by provocatuers. Oopsie.... a good lesson for all of us.

Comment et tu (Score 1) 223

...By the way, if your immediate reaction to this is "It's literally worse than Hitler and the Nazis"

et tu, idiot.

Hilter and the Nazis got less than 10% of the German population killed and failed on their malignant ideology. The mortal threat is not the ethnic Germans killing ethnic Germans, rather the indirect outcome. For domination, enslavement, and murderous intent, hardcore Islam is an even more malignant political system with 14 centuries of overall "successful" spread. Islamic "success" could easily displace ethnic German genetic content 50%-90% and annihilate any its Western roots in several generations....

Comment Re:Delete all references to Canada (Score 1) 271

US dollar business affects even half substantial foreign banks.

As a practical matter, the invasive US claims overreach and litigiousness can be so severe that foreign banks often make their own bankable citizens fill out the FATCA forms to protect the bank.

They typically don't want to fool with money losing American citizen accounts that are a headache with arcane rules and have explosive loss potential.

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