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Comment TeX vs. Office (Score 4, Insightful) 674

Office will take over from TeX when (at the least)

* It works on Linux (which lots of academics use.
* It works well with version control, making it easy to merge edits made by different people
* It is easy to generate tables from scripts and glue them into the document
* It is easy to take a pre-written document and put it in a new style.

Now, it's possible Office already does a few of those, and it's also very possible TeX does an awful lot more than that.

The cost isn't really that much of an issue for academics, as every university tends to have a site-licence for Office and other apps. Despite this, I still never use it.

Comment Re:Atheism & Consistency (Score 1) 169

I don't believe we were designed for any particular reason. However, I wish to investigate how the universe works, both for my own interest, and because experience shows that learning more about how the universe works lets us make more cool things.

I have no reason to believe the laws of physics will stay the same. However, they seem to be staying the same, so I'll assume they will until I have a reason to think otherwise.

I'm nice to people and help them, because experience tells me that tends to lead to people being nice to me, and helping me, which is useful.

I don't see what part of my atheism I'm not consistent with?

Comment Bandwidth usage (Score 5, Interesting) 269

I'm concerned that after reading the article, and apt-p2p's FAQ page, that I can't find any guide to how much upload bandwidth this thing will use. While I'm all for sharing, I find it important to cap my upload speed so my connection performs well on other stuff I'm doing, and also stop uploading once I'm at 1:1 sharing or so. Some of us pay if we use too much bandwidth!

Comment 1200 tests doesn't scale? (Score 1) 41

While this sounds like a cool idea, I think the problem is being exaggerated slightly. The suggestion is that doing 1200 tests per commit doesn't scale is simply not true. In general necessary to run the tests for every commit, if commit N passes, and commit N+5 passes, it really doesn't seem necessary to check the ones inbetween. We run a lot more than 1200 tests on 3 operating systems and one dual-core computer with VMs is more than enough to keep up.

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