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Comment Re:Not my problem (Score 1) 598

Are you saying that as a casual user you'd rather pay $1200+ up front (Photoshop was $700 alone), than $40/month ($20/month/app)?

I know that after 2 years it becomes more expensive if you're not keeping up to date, but the subscription model seems more tailored for casual users than paying hundreds up front to me.

Comment Re:Hate the Sub Model (Score 1) 598

The cost of creative suite in the US (design premium, we'll ignore the master collection which was much more) was about 1200 +600 every 18 months (working from memory, I think I'm a touch low).

It would take many years for the sub to cost more. People that were already on the upgrade cycle were ended up with a significant increase in cost after the 1 year 30/month intro (33->50/month).

It was a pretty deft move to basically have existing users make the cost of entry much much lower to keep themselves as the industry standard.

The low up front cost probably dramatically reduced piracy too.

The getting rid of individual app availability was kinda a jerk move though.

Comment Re:In Favor (Score 1) 598

I find the fact that everybody as the same version of creative suite a huge benefit for working with people from outside my company.

We used to upgrade every other to third version, some customers every version, others even further apart. It was a nightmare.

We switched the to sub model on an upgrade cycle and it was break even for 2 upgrade cycles (4 versions) and costs about 20% more now, but never a large expense at once, never a struggle to share files.

If they didn't force it on everyone else, the value would not be as high.

Comment Re:My fear (Score 1) 129

So driverless Lyft will be for sober passengers only?

The one who hailed it will be the only person in the car, and the person in charge of where the car goes, and the person of last resort if something goes wrong.

If that ends up being true, I don't really see a future for driverless tech at all.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality (Score 1) 237

I think the bigger issue (or I hope it's the bigger issue as a consumer) is that Amazon refuses to integrate their products (the stated reason for not selling Chromecast is that Amazon video doesn't have the ability to cast).

It's really annoying that I need an apple TV of I want to out video from all of my providers on my TV.

Comment Re:count as under driver control civil cases yes c (Score 1) 129

I'm kind of alright with that, insurance will handle the civil liabilities, and things will remain relatively capped on payout (vs what a multi billion dollar company can do).

Though I will need to pay the liability insurance, it will likely reduce the overall cost in payouts of liability for self driving cars, making the insurance cheaper vs GM insuring (or self insuring) for said payouts.

I'm much more concerned about the criminal aspect of riding in an automous (level 4 within it's automous rules) under the influence (or asleep).

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