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Comment Re: Worst Font Ever (Score 1) 181

Pretty much all fonts are Open Type now. Even ones with a TTF extension.

OTF is superior to PS or TT in that it combines the features of both and has a nice single file containing everything (screen display, print, ways to scale, kerning, ligatures, etc).

It's been a while, but I believe in open type font can be postscript, it's just a far more convenient and universal file format to contain the postscript.

Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 474

Just a quick FYI, the largest body counts were all in non-Muslim countries and did not involve Islam at all. In fact, most did not involve religion at all. You have to go down the list a long way before you get anywhere near a Muslim country.

Here are the stats:

Sorry to interject with facts, I hope I didn't spoil your day :(

Actually the second-worst war on that list was apparently religious in large part, from the Taiping Rebellion Wikipedia page:

The Taiping Rebellion or the Taiping Civil War was a massive rebellion or civil war in China that lasted from 1850 to 1864 and was fought between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and the millenarian movement of the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace.

Comment How do they not see the obvious answer? (Score 1) 151

Raze some buildings and install more/bigger roads.

Yes, it's expensive. But it's a tiny price compared to having everyone waste millions of person-hours sitting on inadequate roads. Just multiply those person-hours by any plausible dollars-per-person-hour, and you have a figure for how much it's appropriate to spend fixing this problem.

Seriously, how is this a difficult question?

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