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Comment Data Structures, Algorithms, and Design Patterns (Score 1) 293

Savitch's book is superb as a textbook. You won't find many other books that are that good. The two things I'd suggest learning about are data structures/algorithms and design patterns. For the former, there are a lot of text books, but the good ones are advanced and expensive (for instance, Cormen, Leiserson & Rivest, *Introduction to Algorithms*), and the inexpensive ones are poorly written. You might try the O'Reilly book "Algorithms in a Nutshell*. For the latter, there are a number of books - a good intro book is *Head First Design Patterns*; the book of books is the so-called Gang of Four book that introduced the idea, *Design Patterns* by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides.

Comment Re:Regime Change Now (Score 1) 436

Yes, but it needs to happen without our "help." you can't force democracy down someone's throat at the point of a gun (Germany and Japan are exceptions, as the occupations of those countries were justified in the minds of their citizens by the nature of the conflict). Read @oxfordgirl on Twitter to get some idea of how pro-Western, secularist Iranian Greens feel about our "help."

Comment Re:Can someone explain this to me? (Score 1) 192

RSA uses semiprimes - numbers with only two prime factors. If you know the factors p and q, you can derive the private key from the public key through multiplication mod (p-1)(q-1). There are much faster ways to factorize numbers than brute force - the best is the general number field sieve. It is Diffie-Hellman which uses discrete logs. There are better attacks against discrete logs than brute force, too. Once we have sufficiently powerful quantum computers, both the factorization problem and the discrete log problem will be made trivial by Schor's algorithm.

Comment Re:Didn't think App Store piracy was that big (Score 1) 762

In the US, you can download the episodes straight to your iPhone, $1.99 for standard def, the morning after the air. I just downloaded episode 5 a minute ago (but in high def to a computer at $2.99). The series is very obviously patterning its visual and dramatic style, and some of the character development, after BSG.

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