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Journal Journal: Michelle Bachman's naked ass 7

I found this and immediately thought everyone here would enjoy this. It's a shot of Michelle Bachman's naked ass taken apparently with her knowledge.


Comment Other tweets the Pope made (Score 2, Funny) 3

He made other tweets to let people know that condoms cause AIDS, every sperm is sacred, he hasn't been an actual Nazi in quite a number of years, and that Jesus hates homosexuals.

Then he apparently confused his work account with his private one and tweeted a picture of his cock to an alter boy. Everyone saw it. Many of them jacked off to the picture of the holy nun-raping tool.

Comment Re:About. Fucking. Time. (Score 1) 422

money policy is responsible. The declining dollar makes foreign stuff more expensive. Domestic stuff is cheaper.

So nevermind all the fear around the declining dollar that we get from the right wing. There's downsides AND upsides. You implement the policy with the combination that you need at that moment. And right now, we need a relatively weaker dollar and all the jobs that will come back home as a result.

Comment Re:Here we go (Score 2) 223

Actually Applied Cryptography should give you the false feeling of security which will undoubtedly bite you in the ass when your system is tested in a real-world security environment.

It's not that the information is bad. It's not, the book is excellent. It's just that so many people are completely incapable of judging their own competence and will make stupid newbie mistakes even when they are guided by the most excellent of resources and advice.

Go ahead and read Applied Cryptography. Go ahead and implement your application. But don't think for a second that you're smart. Don't think that your app doesn't have a million holes in it. It does, and it will go down when right at the worst moment.

However, none of this should stop you from trying to be better. It's just the nature of the game that you have decided to play.

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