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Comment Re: Double Down (Score 1) 156

I wonder how much a truism that is. I get job offers, quite frequently. They pay much more than minimum wage. However, I am happily retired and that makes it moot.

I kinda suspect I could more easily get a six-figure job than I could get a minimum wage job, even if I don't disclose my Ph.D. on the minimum wage job applications. I should apply at a bunch of those types of places, just to see what happens.

I'd kinda feel bad, if they actually hired me. Though, I guess I could make fries for a few months while using it as an excuse to socialize and flirt with the old ladies.

Comment Re:Who said anything about a crime? (Score 1) 156

If they sue you, then, well, you're probably bankrupt, even if you eventually win. Which certainly would be a deterrent to me, and would be to most of their other employees.

From the business's standpoint, it probably has nothing to lose. It's only going to sue if you've already made the facts public, so a lawsuit isn't actually going to make things worse.

Comment Channeling Nixon? Maybe badly... (Score 1) 9

At least Nixon had--if not the decency, at least the good sense--to resign and let his successor issue the pardon.

A few things that have been pointed out elsewhere:

  • He can't pardon himself. SCOTUS would never let it stand, and even this largely RWNJ Congress would probably pass a bill to seal the deal.
  • A Presidential pardon extends only to Federal crimes. Trump could still be indicted for violations of state laws.
  • Anyone whom Trump pardons could be compelled to testify against him in court, and could not refuse to do so on Fifth Amendment grounds, since they would be immune from prosecution and thus unable to incriminate themselves.

Speaking of Amendments, let's not forget the 25th, which was almost invoked against St Ronnie Reagan.

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