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Comment Re:For those of you wondering why they backed down (Score 1) 102

Nobody's arguing for that. What they're arguing for is that a small group of rural voters shouldn't get to disenfranchise the vast majority of voters, who are non-rural.

The majority of Americans are no where near as right wing as Congress. We have a right wing congress solely because the system weighs the votes of those outside of cities as more important than those within them. That's not right, and needs to stop.

Comment Re: None of which has anything to do with NN (Score 1) 102

No, it's normal, not unconstitutional. When you buy land you generally have a strip you're allowed to maintain but are required by law to give allow utilities to have access to. Those are the laid out in the deed. It's how utilities work, they wouldn't be able to wire up your neighbors otherwise if you chose to be an asshole and prevent them from having access.

Comment Re:Effects on global warming (Score 3, Informative) 35

A common way to scrub dust and water-soluble gases in industry is known as a wet scrubber, where you either have gas bubbles moving through liquid or liquid droplets moving through the gas, transferring dust and soluble gases into the liquid.

With a subsea volcanic eruption, the ocean is basically a natural scrubber.

BTW, the main impact on the short-term climate from volcanoes is sulfur dioxide, not dust (I say "short term" because the longer-term impact is warming due to CO2 - but in the short term the SO2 greatly overpowers this effect).

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 171

It certainly steepens your descent profile, but the scenario in question was the plane running out of power while circling. And even a couple minutes worth of propulsion at landing makes a world of difference (2% of a 90 minute flight = nearly 2 minutes).

but if it's not enough to do a go-around, it's just not enough.

Seriously, you're demanding go-around capability on emergency, out-of-"fuel" landings?

Comment Re:Nope (Score 3, Interesting) 171

The funny thing is, electric aircraft can regenerate on descent. If for some strange reason you "ran out of power" in the air, yes, you'd have to make an emergency landing, but it would be an emergency powered landing. Unlike the unpowered landing a combustion-powered aircraft landing has to make if it runs out of fuel.

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