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Comment TRS-80 Model I, with 16K and Extended BASIC (Score 2) 857

Ahhh yes, finally an article that belongs on Slashdot.

My very first computer was a TRS-80 Model I that my dad got for us back in 1980 or so. It had an external cassette recorder for saving programs - 600 baud AFSK encoding, IIRC.

That thing was fun to play with, although I got a lot of blank stares when I'd presented a program I wrote to my 3rd Grade show-n-tell in NYC in 1982. I think it was a sorting program or something like that.

I wish I could remember some of the games so I could perhaps find them today...

Submission + - Wikileaks Releases "NightSkies 1.2": Proof CIA Bugs "Factory Fresh" iPhones (

anonieuweling writes: Meet the CIA's "NightSkies 1.2" project, a "beacon/loader/implant tool" for the Apple iPhone "expressly designed to be physically installed onto factory fresh iPhones. i.e the CIA has been infecting the iPhone supply chain of its targets since at least 2008."
So yes, Is the deep state of the USA evil?

Submission + - WikiLeaks: CIA Has Been Infecting iPhones At the Factory Since 2008 (

An anonymous reader writes: Just when you thought the hole couldn't get any deeper:

Today, March 23rd 2017, WikiLeaks releases Vault 7 “Dark Matter”, which contains documentation for several CIA projects that infect Apple Mac Computer firmware (meaning the infection persists even if the operating system is re-installed) developed by the CIA’s Embedded Development Branch (EDB). These documents explain the techniques used by CIA to gain ‘persistence’ on Apple Mac devices, including Macs and iPhones and demonstrate their use of EFI/UEFI and firmware malware.

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