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Comment Re:Women must accept their place (Score 1) 478

I couldn't have said it better, except to say that Womens' Suffrage is a complete and abject failure and the 19th should be repealed as soon as possible.

I've long maintained that voting should be a privilege reserved for those learned in how a functional society works, because anything else is just mob rule, and we all know what happens when things are controlled by an unruly mob.

Comment KIWF (Score 1) 262

NASA is just another government handout program for well-connected contractors and campaign supporters. Kill it with fire already and let the private industry that has far surpassed its technical ability take over space exploration and utilization.


Russia Issues Travel Warning To Its Citizens About United States and Extradition 369

mendax writes "The New York Times reports that the Russian government is warning its citizens to not travel to countries that have an extradition treaty with the United States, noting that 'detentions of Russian citizens in various countries, at the request of American law enforcement, have become more frequent.' The article reports the Russian foreign ministry as saying,'Experience shows that the judicial proceedings against those who were in fact kidnapped and taken to the U.S. are of a biased character, based on shaky evidence, and clearly tilted toward conviction.'"

Comment Here we go again (Score 1) 918

What the hell. You'd think we'd have learned the first few times we went around playing world police.

There is no compelling national security interest in Syria. None at all. There is no legal justification for Obama to strike Assad without proof they were his chemical weapons, nor proof he was the one who used them, and without the approval of Congress.

Fuck Obama. He's proved to be just another goddamn failure.

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