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Comment Of Course it is Unreasonable (Score 2) 146

As far as I am concerned, if the government has no specific and articulable facts that would lead a REASONABLE person to believe that you are involved in criminal activity, then the government has no right to even ask your name, let alone look you up in a database, run your license plate, or google you.

Comment None Specific - More General (Score 2) 484

Generally, I resent becoming a beta tester for literally everything. It seems like some time in the mid 90s, companies started doing away with in-house validation and decided that consumers would be the new quality control auditors, because almost every electronic/computer/software product I've bought since then has been utter shit, with a constant stream of patches, bug fixes, and other problems that should have been flushed out before the products were ever released.

Almost everything sold to day is chock full-o-glitches, gaping security holes, fatal errata, and other things that should never be shipped to consumers.

Comment Re:At McDonald's... (Score 1) 528

"Now what makes an Egg McMuffin so yummy in the tummy?

Is it the delicious cheese? The egg itself? The Canadian bacon (or optionally, the sausage patty)? Or is it the English Muffin?"

No, it's the 730mg of sodium and 6g of saturated fat, the combination of which can make even a slice of cardboard taste like something.

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