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Nevercookie Eats Evercookies 91

wiredmikey writes "Anonymizer, Inc. has developed Anonymizer Nevercookie, a free Firefox plugin that protects against the Evercookie, a javascript API built and made available by Samy Kamkar (same guy who brought you the Samy Worm and XSS Hacking to Determine Physical Location) who set out to prove that the more you store and the more places you store it, the harder it is for users to control a Web site's ability to uniquely identify their computer. The plugin extends Firefox's private browsing mode by preventing Evercookies from identifying and tracking users."

Comment Re:The hand of Godel? (Score 1) 465

I had read the terse "no" to mean the Universe wasn't Turing Complete and I didn't read the original question very closely.

I can accept the idea the Universe isn't a Turing machine. But, it has to be at least as complex if not more so. This means that Kurt Gödel's ideas would apply to mathematical theorem about the Universe... leading to the conclusion you can't understand everything with one theory.

For example... try proving 1 + 1 = 2 without resorting to Set theory.

Comment Re:The hand of Godel? (Score 1) 465

It doesn't apply for an even more basic reason. We don't require a theory of everything to be complete, only consistent. Moreover, most physicists would be happy with "just" a theory that hasn't been proved to be inconsistent.

If the theory is consistent it will be incomplete requiring another theory to cover the incompleteness. If the theory is complete it will be self contradictory.

Comment Re:The hand of Godel? (Score 1) 465

If the universe is not Turing complete, could you please explain how the universe can run my Laptop on it's substrate?

My computer is Turing complete. My computer exists in this universe. No system that is not Turing complete can simulate one that is.

Me thinks the Universe is somehow Turing complete and thus governed by the fundamental rules of all computers.

Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 575

Based on my back of the napkin calculations it would take a space craft like Voyager approximately 23,000 years to get to the planet. Someone want to correct me? Please? I certainly hope I did my math wrong. Sounds like we are stuck here.

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