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Comment Re:NEVER (Score 1) 398

Also with a per capita GDP of about 1,500 USD your definition of middle class is pretty low-end.

Have you heard of "Purchasing Power Parity"? If not then hit up Wikipedia and learn about it so I don't have to waste precious seconds of my life correcting your ignorance.

Comment Re:lost? (Score 1) 407

The Amiga was probably the first affordable personal computer that had a mutitasking GUI as shipped. Plus specialised multi-processing of sorts if you included the custom chips.

Comment Re:The big difference here is (Score 1) 679

CP/M did not have multitasking at all. AmigaOS did but the lack of memory protection and / or virtual memory made it very flakey.

Memory Management Units (MMUs) integrated into CPUs were not common place till much later - MC68030s and onwards firsted used in big box Amigas such as the A3000. You need this hardware to efficiently implement memory protection and virtual memory. Yes, flakey apps would bring the system down quickly but that meant bugs were either fixed quickly or the application was not used. I used many applications on my Amiga and stability was usually pretty good, especially comapared to the MSDOS/Windows of the time. It is not that hard for a good software developer to eliminate those bugs from his application that would crash the system.

Comment Re: epitome of globalization (Score 5, Insightful) 141

Jaguar are selling more cars now than ever before. In part due to Tata's good management. The brand has been reinvigorated rather than been killed off.

China is the world's largest car market having recently overtaken the US. So it makes sense to move some production facilities there.

Give credit where it's due and be thankful that a savvy operator like Tata gave new life to these otherwise dying car brands and stop your old world bias.

Comment Promises, promises (Score 4, Interesting) 206

Cringely reached his peak during the making of "Triumph of the Nerds" and the follow up series "Nerds 2.0.1". They were both some of the best historical documentaries ever done on the PC and Internet revolutions. Since then he has failed to deliver on subsequent projects.

Here's hoping there is one more great documentary series left in the old Cringe!

Submission + - Google Mail down? 1

Zubinix writes: Is it just me or are many other people getting 502 errors when logging in to gmail?

Comment Re:Poorly planned project (Score 1) 427

Actually I think the company is been smart. They are giving a skilled Unix guy a chance to adapt his skills to Windows since it is so widely used in the company. Knowing unix scripting is cool but knowing Windows and Unix automation techniques means you can cover pretty much any situation that will ever occur.

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