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Submission + - QANTAS wants to Monitor Frequent Flyers's home internet (theage.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Australian Airline QANTAS wants to monitor recording Frequent Flyer's home internet searching and surfing. QANTAS will pass the data to US marketing partner FreeCause who are not subject to Australian privacy laws. Meanwhile the Australian Attorney-General's Department has been secretly drafting new data retention laws to log Australians' web surfing. The government claims it needs these to fight crime, yet is ignoring corruption by its own public service.

Comment Control after you tap the app (Score 2, Insightful) 315

And it's vastly easier and simpler to pick up an iOS device and simply tap an app to start playing.

But once you tap the app, how do you control the character in the game? A flat sheet of glass gives the thumbs no tactile feedback as to where the on-screen action buttons are. Swipes on the left third of the screen can substitute for an analog stick, as first seen in Super Mario 64 DS and Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt, but how can the player make sure he doesn't miss the jump, fire main weapon, and fire secondary weapon buttons? What's the uptake for clip-on Bluetooth gamepads?

Comment Re:Is that it?! (Score 1) 470

Tough I'm not pro Israel, much less pro Islamism or pro U.S. (I'm a pacifist you see? I can't support any gun wielding wackos) I wanna make clear that the vast majority of modern (and ancient for that matter) nations were created by force.

Though I'm not pro- any of those things either, for more or less the same reason, I want to make clear that I didn't mean to single Israel out in that regard.

Comment Re:Hating Oracle (Score 1) 115

Since JDK6, Oracle Java is based on OpenJDK. Unless your using one of the specific features oracle tweaks or adds you should be fine.

Even minecraft craps itself on openjdk... if you use forge and/or optifine. Both of which are pretty much mandatory.

Comment Re:consoles do not measure "hardcore gamers" (Score 1) 315

Oh sure, they don't make crazy ass flight sims that you have to have to be an aeronautical engineer or have an actual fucking rating in the aircraft in the game to actually play for consoles.

You don't see that as a problem?

But how many people actually play stuff like that these days....

Dunno, ask the guys who make X-Plane.

the market for that grows ever smaller as the obsession of the niche bearded Janes-reading engineers for ever more hardcore detail and complexity drives away new players.

No way. Those are the kind of players who want to play realistic combat flight simulators to begin with. Anyone else would rather play something like Crimson Skies, or at worst, Aces High; realistic physics but you don't have to actually know how to go through all the motions of flying a plane.

What would be awesome would be if you could use additional consoles to power additional displays, and maybe weather processing or other reasonably non-realtime tasks could be farmed out to them as well. Not quite clustering, but not quite just using them as display controllers either. The problem is, consoles don't embrace arbitrary input devices, so it doesn't actually make any sense, it would just be cool.

Comment Yesssssssss! (Score 1) 88

> "a Megatokyo Visual Novel Game

Is that like an action MMO on a console? Because apparently that's the only thing anyone wants to buy anymore, according to big game companies.

A new D&D and Marvel online "action MMO" came out this week. Action MMO! Obviously if it isn't an action MMO it must suck.

I assume game designers got together a few years back and sang a Beatles song:

All we are sayyyyyyyyyy-ing
Is give Action MMOs a chance.
All we are sayyyyyyyyyy-ing
Is give Action MMOs a chance.

Shake that butt.
Baby got Action MMO.

Hey, I just met you
This is crazy.
Here's my action MMO
Play it daily.

Action MMO for president! I'll bet Barney Fife would play Action MMOs all day long!

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