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Comment Re:3L 2L (Score 1) 725

No, that is the international mile. The US mile is 5280 feet and 1/8 of an inch. Because it was defined before the invention of accuracy. Each mile is thus 8 furlongs, each furlong being 40 poles (or ten chains), each pole being 16 feet 6 inches, each foot being 12 inches, each inch being 3 barleycorns (presumably not genetically modified). Simples!

Comment Re:RISC strikes again (Score 1) 144

I think you can get 6502 based systems with mask ROM for cheaper than the mask ROM by itself :-) (fewer external pins) - just a few cents from companies like GeneralPlus or WinBond or Elan. They are still useful and made in huge quantities.

Comment Re:WP7 vs Vista (Score 1) 412

(Agreeing with you here)

Just write it in C++ using Airplay SDK then it compiles on the Windows PC directly to an IPA file for iOS (3 screen sizes), a SIS file for Nokia/Symbian, an Android file (for its one million different screen resolutions and aspect ratios) or normal Windows Mobile. No Macintosh required, and you can test it on the PC for gameplay bugs. Of course if you want to publish for a non-standard (i.e. non iPhone) platform, you have to pay more money for the software license.

WP7 not supported, but more mainstream os's (maemo, brew, bada, webOS, windows phone 6) are since they don't disallow compiled computer languages "native code".

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 342

Of course it is a lost sale if the customer wanted to give money to the developer and the shop persuades them not to. I'm a hoarder so I don't get rid of games. If I go into a games shop more than a week after a game is released I am lucky if I am permitted by the retailer to give any money to the developers of the game by buying a new one (since they want to get rid of their used games first). Heck they take *preorders for used games* these days. No wonder EA has responded to this declaration of war by retailers by putting content for single player games online. So the consumer ends up losing. I don't see second hand books/music/dvds being pushed over new ones at the major retailers - why is that? If there was a delay between new and used sales at the major retailers like there used to be, publishers and developers might feel less squeezed.

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