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Comment Re: Revenge p0rn (Score 3, Insightful) 284

No you don't. You just want to scream at your monitor about SSJJJJJWWWWWSSSSS RUINING EVERYTHING GODDAMMIT. Every "controversy" you guys levy at Kotaku proves to be absurdly weak. Your current tactic is calling every article you don't like "clickbait," thereby ruining yet another legitimate term with your lame windmill tilting.

Comment Re:Let me follow the logic (Score 4, Interesting) 478

Jesus Christ. Let's tackle a few of these.

Goldberg created alts that spouted ridiculous arguments he would later cite on his main account, the one he attached his name to, as "crazy SJWs". Those other accounts were to create strawmen for his real account, again, the one using his real name, to attack.

Your LMGTFY link points to one college student nobody's heard of making a false rape threat and links to articles claiming Anita Sarkeesian never reported threats to authorities. Here's a citation. Short story: Asshole MRAs (and GamerGate supports) call the SFPD, and the person who answered claimed to not know of any reports made by Sarkeesian. Turns out the SFPD immediately passed that info along to the FBI from the beginning. Even Milo, Gamergate's ""intellectual leader"", admits that.

But the narrative that Sarkeesian made up the threats is too useful to admit is wrong, so the original articles stay without noting that further investigation proved them wholly incorrect. Then people like you reference them, hoping that readers won't dig deeper.

Any time someone makes threats against one of the people Gamergate hates, they blame third-party trolls. Conveniently, these trolls magically disappear when threats are made against Gamergate events. Gamergaters love to ignore the fact that an infamous 8chan troll took credit for the threats. 8channers love going after "SJWs", but they fuck with Gamergaters on occasion as well. Because of lulz or whatever.

It's sad that Slashdot is taking these conspiracy whinings so seriously, but I'd encourage people to do some research. To date, Gamergate has accomplished nothing aside from calling their enemies whales and trannies while claiming the mainstream media is out to get them. Perhaps it's not surprising that they're hailing Breitbart Tech, yes, that Breitbart, as a savior of tech journalism.

Comment Re:Actually her" best known and celebrated work" i (Score 5, Insightful) 48

Oh for fuck's sake.

Can a woman not write a book about women without the "anti-SJW" crowd whining at length? You haven't even read the damn thing, yet here you are crying about it. What the fuck is so "feminist" (boo! hiss!) about a work documenting women who fought in a war? It's history, and the type of history anyone interested in the subject likely appreciates. She's a 67-year-old Ukrainian, not one of the 14-year-old Tumblr users who you lot think are ruining the world.

You're becoming the assholes who leave comments on non-political articles whining about "Obummer." Christ.

Comment Re:Fucking disaster (Score 5, Insightful) 69

A summary, for those who were fortunate enough to miss this:

1. Dude wears a shirt with scantily-clad women. Some people say it's kinda sexist.
2. Dude sincerely apologizes. Those who complained accept.
3. Everyone moves on. Lessons learned. Yay! Pretty comet pictures!
4. LOL just kidding. A bunch of "supporters" who won't STFU see this is a great opportunity to attack straw feminists and comment on every single article mentioning the mission. Those who objected to his shirt, typically women scientists/engineers, are slandered as "taking away from his accomplishments" despite writing about this mission for, in some cases, years. Assholes start an Indiegogo campaign to buy him, specifically, a watch for being "bullied," which is forcing him to deal with a situation he's clearly ready to move on from. MRA and GamerGate types congregate, attacking and doxxing anyone who had the slightest of problems with his shirt.

So of course we have folks on /. pretending that a handful of articles about a shitty T-shirt and a subsequent "forced" apology show that lolfeminists, even those with PhDs in relevant, don't care about this mission.

Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 2, Insightful) 142

Did you even read what he said? Or did you just seize up with anger when you read the word "government"?

I mean, he gave a thoughtful comment pointing out that this system is probably the cheapest way of dealing with the move to digital records. Why did you then respond with "Herp derp! Government sucks!"

You libertarians don't seem to even care if your rants are on topic these days.

Comment NSA? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Forbes reports on a National Republican Congressional Committee sanctioned campaign worthy of the NSA

I get that we don't like the NSA around here, but why are we bringing it up when discussing an article that has nothing to do with anything the NSA does? What's the thinking process? "Hrm, this scam is slimy. Oh hey! The NSA is slimy too!"

Am I missing something?

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