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Journal Journal: I've known *that* for a long time... 4

I was intrigued to see the "Road Rage Linked To Automobile Bumper Stickers" article. As I mentioned there, I'd observed that long ago, and giving extra room to heavily-stickered vehicles is one of the cornerstones of safety in my bicycle commuting.

Comment of the day, unfortunately buried under a torrent of projection about how people with Jesus fish are hate-filled bigots who think they're better than other people, is Anne Nonymous.


Journal Journal: Bizarre Pandora result of the day

People Listening to This Artist


(also listening to: Dar Williams)

"This Artist" being King Kobra, of Iron Eagle (Never Say Die) fame.


Journal Journal: Jimmy Buffett buys a casino; Poll 2

Apparently there's already a Margaritaville casino under construction in Biloxi, but the Trump Hotel Casino is now being sold to a group that will be turning it into another Buffett-themed casino.

There's a poll topic: Who is the most money-obsessed licenser of his/her name and image?

  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Rachael Ray
  • Peyton Manning
  • Krusty the Klown
The Gimp

Journal Journal: Comment of the day 2

El Lobo on the Mono platform story, with a fantastic analogy in support of a completely misguided point.

I mean, it's like if an icecream maker would like to make icecream on an refrigerator inside an oven.


Journal Journal: Comment of the day

trybywrench, on Tech's 10 Worst Entry-Level Jobs.

Winner of "Questions I No Longer Bother To Ask" is DaveV1.0, wondering why Rob posted a story that he himself notes is awful.


Journal Journal: Python standard libraries to be reorganized

The process to reorganize the standard libraries for Python 3.0 has been announced, in keeping with Guido van Rossum's dictate to remove "silly old stuff". Deprecated and platform-specific modules make up most of the ones on the chopping block; others had poorly-chosen names, have been made obsolete or just never caught on. Proposals to remove tkinter were shot down.

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