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Comment I don't see this as a problem (Score 1) 215

Part of kickstarter should be that you've already taken a substantive risk on your own. Making a game demo with, for example, limited level/playtime is a good mark that you are capable of producing the rest.

Since there is no recourse once the funding takes place for funders, this doesn't seem unreasonable.

Comment So? (Score 1, Interesting) 266

Why anyone cares what this guy has to say boggles my mind. He may have had a hand in some good games decades ago, but what have you done for me lately?

Oh yeah, you took a steaming turd on my computer. Thanks.

In other news, North Korea is the best Korea.

Comment Just because you can.. (Score 1) 282

doesn't mean you should.

Thinking that any Linux distro, just because it could be run in both environments, should be developed to be suitable for both seems wrong.

Why not just pick a desktop-oriented existing distro for your desktop and a server-focused one for your production environment?

And if you need to develop on your server environment, then this doesn't really matter to you, since you have to pick what's best for your production environment regardless of your desktop.

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